Monday, January 18, 2010

Review: The day I couldn't stop saying "that's awesome"

I didn't wake up with the words in my mouth, yet every time I went to describe something positive last Friday, it was invariably what proceeded forth. In the morning, my toast, "that's awesome." On being asked if I wanted to use the computer "that's awesome." Everything Friday was awesome. To show just how bad it got, I would point to where I commented around the blogosphere. Around half of them, contained those words at some point or other. We're talking typed words and I couldn't stop myself. It was as if I had woken up with the debilitating disease known as "Keanu Mouth."

It's not like this hasn't happened before. I went through a a day awhile back where I couldn't stop saying 'definitely.' I didn't realize it until someone made a comment about my horrible 'Rain Man' impression. I refused to agree to anything the rest of the day so I could stop myself. Course neither of these are anywhere near as bad as the day I couldn't stop saying 'ass.' On that day everyone and everything was an ass. Even the pastor at church was an ass, though thankfully I didn't tell him to his face.

If it weren't for the infrequency I would suggest a form of Tourette's syndrome. But seeing as how it only happens once every few months I know it's nothing like that. Still it is annoying.

7 out of 9 (hey, if I was saying awesome a lot, there must have been good things about the day.)

Anyone else experience days like that?


  1. As someone without very much medical training I would reccommend a swift slap upside your head when your brain gets all glitchy like that. I don't know what that will do for you but I know I will feel better and really, isn't that the important thing here?

    word verification - upect...did you hear that...UPECT???

  2. Suggestion duly noted, rolled up and tossed in the bin beside me. Soon it shall ride in a truck that will carry it to a dump where it will slowly break down and return to the soil; it's soul jettisoned to the great dirt heap in the sky.

    That is what I would do if it was on paper. Since it's electronic I shall try it the next time the situation arises.

  3. Clever (awesome even ...) post.

    I definitely have days like that.

    Definitely, definitely awesome. Yeah, definitely.

    (Did you watch The Tick cartoon? I was a big fan of the sewer urchin.)

  4. I loved the Tick. I still quote lines from that show. Sewer Urchin was hysterical. As was the Human Bullet. "Fire me boy!"


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