Friday, February 5, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Review

All the new movie releases for this weekend reviewed in 7 words.

District 13: Unltimatum (limited) - No, it's not District 9 part 4.

Frozen (limited) - See, this is why I don't ski.

Dear John - It's official, Nicholas Sparks movies are redundant.

From Paris With Love - Travolta looks like the Russian in Hellboy.

Well, time flies when you're having fun. Also when you're not 'cause time waits for no man, so if you missed your flight, you're out of luck. But don't dwell on the past either, cause there's always a train waiting somewhere.

You know if I stopped here, there would be someone thinking it was a profound statement, instead of a bunch of clich├ęs strung together. Ah well, another time perhaps.

So most of the snow is gone. There was one little bit left today and it just so happened to be the snow-head my brother wore. Naturally I felt obliged to take a snap:

Funny how it still looks like a face.

Well, have a good weekend peoples.


  1. John Travolta is becoming a cartoon of himself.... He looks ridiculous with a goatee and no hair!

  2. lol
    Yup, it refuses to die, and without the aide of a magic hat no less.

  3. Thtat snow skin is the most horrific thing I have seen all week. Bone chilling.

    I love those District 13 movies. Cool French parkour movies that never let up. That scene in the first one with the bald cop trapped in the safe room with the drug dealers is killer

  4. I've only seen half of one. I keep meaning to go back and watch it from the start.

  5. Yes, looks like a refuses to die.
    love your pics!
    Have a great weekend!:)

  6. I think you have the title of a new movie – Return of the Snow-Head!!! pt. 2

  7. I passed on the Happy Award to you...It's on my Blog!

    Have a fantastic Weekend!

  8. I might have gone with:

    No, Bourne is not in it either.

  9. I love your reviews. Travolta is a bit of a joke, but I applaud him for what he did for Haiti.

    Have you got a review of Green Zone? Really want to see that film when it's out in the UK.

    Kate x

  10. @Carl, lol, that's funny, I missed the Bourne angle.

    @Kate, I will probably do a review of that closer to the release.

  11. Is John Travolta spoofing himself? I mean he looks like a comic trying to make fun of a mixture of his characters.

    My Thoughts...

  12. Certainly seems that way. He used to have some legitimacy, but that was a long, long time ago.

  13. Yeh but how many levels of 'spoof' are you allowed to go? - 'a spoof of a spoof of a spoof stops working about three levels in dosn't it?

  14. I recently heard about Frozen and it looks creepy. I want to see it!

    The snow-head is awesome! I hope you had a nice weekend.

  15. Is Uncle Payday your real uncle, TS? He loves you so much that he wants to give you a loan! Sweet!


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