Friday, February 19, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Review

All the week's new releases in 7 words.

Celine: Through the eyes of the World (limited) - Canada, why must you hurt me so?
The Ghost Writer (limited, Expands 3\5) - Sadly, not based on BBC's kid show.
The Good Guy (limited) - Andrew McCarthey is still alive? No way...
Happy Tears (limited) - Why do people continue validating Demi's existence?
Shutter Island - Scorsese... horror... awesome. DiCaprio...? I'll still watch.

Ask yourself this, and be honest; when did you last actually enjoy a DiCaprio film? Think hard. Aviator? That would be lying to yourself. Aviator was one of those films that was built up better than it was. Anyone else? Catch Me if You Can? Really? How many times have you re-watched it? Mhmm, I thought so. Blood Diamond? With that over the top performance... I think not. Anyone else...? The Beach!? Ok, get out. No I'm serious.

This is where I always break down from conventional critics. I think films should be entertaining first. I can appreciate the great works of art, I truly can. I thought The Fountain was a beautiful piece, worthy of some praise, and I could easily watch it again. But do I own a copy? Nope. Which is not to say that art and entertainment can't be one. On the contrary, there are thousands of such movies. But you can always tell the difference between pictures that are trying to feel and sell themselves as important, and those that actually are.

It is to the former that I've always found DiCaprio to be a club member. He seeks out films that get a lot of buzz because of who is making them, and the subject matter. If it seems like if it'll be labeled noteworthy, he's there, only too happy to be a piece of Oscar bait. Course awards don't matter, making art does, right? I mean that's why he works with so many unknown directors, producers, and writers, right?

Now I don't want to give the impression that I don't like Leonardo DiCaprio, cause I do actually. When he's been in a movie worth watching he's been excellent. Which is why I complain. Well that and to raise a point. The last film I thought worthwhile was The Departed from 2006. It wasn't the greatest film, but it was solidly good. I could watch that one a few times easily. It happened to be directed by Martin Scorsese*, who also directed Shutter Island. Thus we have arrived at the point of my diatribe. The commercials have been really great for this and because of the last success, I'm hoping this will be even better. At any rate it's nice to see DiCaprio changing things up a bit.

Oh and I just learned there's a new Free Willy coming out starring Steve Irwin's girl. Is the world going to end now?

Have a great weekend everyone.

*It should be also noted since I forgot to include this before I clicked publish, that Scorsese also made Aviator, which as I stated was a snooze, and Gangs of New York, which others liked, but failed to impress me.


  1. Why do you do this to me. I love
    'The Fountain' so you disliking it is crap but I totally agree with what you said about Leo DeCRAPrio (see what I did there?). I never quite knew WHY I hated him but you articulated the reasons very well. He's selfish. He's like those kids who were in that cool clique in high school.

    wv - TURDati

  2. No you misunderstood. I loved the Fountain, I just don't think it's something I need to own cause I wouldn't rewatch it often enough to justify a purchase.

  3. For me, his role in Titanic was maybe the worst case of miscasting, that I've ever seen.

    "What's eating Gilbert Grape?" was probably my favorite. He did a great job acting like a, er um..."mentally challanged" person in this movie. Maybe it wasn't that much of a stretch for him!

    On the other hand, Johnny Depp, smoked his role...

  4. I've always thought DiCaprio was overrated. But since you asked... Titanic is the last DiCaprio movie I liked... and probably the only one.

    One of my friends had an uber crush on him, but I've always thought he looked like a little boy.

  5. Good ones TS but I have my own contribution:

    Tanith Belbin - only you can make me watch ice dancing.

    Ok that's 8. Sue me. ;)

  6. Kristy, I always thought he kind of looked like a wimpy River Phoenix.

    Geof, LOL, you're watching ice dancing, you deserve an extra word.

  7. And Jules told me that you Favorite Friday'ed me again. Dude you rule, honestly. I never do the Fav Friday thing but I need to and repay the favor next week.

  8. I know, dancing. The things I do for Tanith Belbin (drools)

  9. Speaking of...

    Ice dancing
    Ice skating
    Winter Olympics

    Anytime I hear anything whatsoever related to ice skating, I think of two people. Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Two charter members of the "white trash ice skating hall of fame." Somebody, someday, is going to make a movie about it. Oh yeah, did you hear that Kerrigan's older brother is implicated in the death of their father?

  10. Wow, ur a harsh reviewer. This is my second time reading ur blog.

    What is your favorite actor, director and movie if you don't mind me asking?

  11. Most of my harshness comes from a good place.

    I couldn't possibly choose a favorite. I have too many. I do show love on this blog though to things I enjoy. It's just what mood I'm in at the time.

  12. Like Kristy, the last DiCaprio movie I saw was Titanic. The movie was fabulous EXCEPT for him.

    I don't think you're nearly as harsh as some of the rest of us bloggers, btw. Don't go softening up, now. People who are worshipped should be subject to at least as much scrutiny and criticism as the rest of the world. It's only fair.


  13. So, if I understand you all right, I wasn't hard enough on Leo. Good to know. lol

  14. Exactly. He's no king of the world!

    BTW, you have a grade and bit of recognition awaiting at my blog.


  15. About Celine and Ghost one could say it better, even with an unlimited amount of words

    AND I am seeing Shutter Island tonight....freaking pumped!!

  16. Oh man, really? I wanted to see Shutter Island. I liked that movie "Revolutionary Road" though... I dunno, I think I like some of his movies, but I usually like crappy films. I'm not gonna lie.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  17. I think he's trying to make up for his role on growing pains (which was pretty dramatic, especially considering it was growing pains).

    Leo digs the angry/indignant face. Which makes me think of how meg ryan likes to do the head tilt (like a cute dog). She does it well, but boy these actors/actresses and their favorite moves.

    Oh and helen hunt with her semi-squinting because somehow that'll help her understand what you're saying move. Oy.

    This turned into a rant.

  18. Fine with me. This is blog is a sanctum for ranting.


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