Friday, February 26, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Review

All the week's new movies reviewed in 7 words

Formosa Betrayed (limited) - James Van Der Beek is still alive?!

The Yellow Handkerchief (limited) - Doesn't this movie come out every year?

The Crazies - A little known sequel to "The Norms"

Cop Out - I suddenly feel like watching Hudson Hawk.

3 posts in one day?! No way!

So I was kinda lazy this week. I had my aunt in from California, which meant cleaning and stressing. I didn't have much time for writing, hence the shorter posts. I thought briefly of reviewing my aunt, but on the off chance she finds my blog, I decided against it. Not that I don't love my aunt, (in as much as one can love someone they talk to once every five years or so) I do actually. I just don't really relate to her.

It's kind of funny isn't it; the meaning we ascribe to relationships? I don't really know my aunts and uncles, but because they're my mother's siblings I'm obligated to smile and talk to them about my life. Society is weird. The ties we create are weird. You know what else is weird? Mexican jumping beans.

Seriously I hadn't thought of Mexican jumping beans in years and suddenly, there they were in the impulse section of a gas station. I had some when I was a kid. I loved watching them not so much jump as wiggle around. Then they stopped moving and my sister explained to me that it was larva inside. Which just made it more interesting to me and required further purchases.

So there were rumors this week that John Krasinski possibly be cast as Captain America. I stated this a few times elsewhere, but it's only right I share my opinion with you fine people. I don't think he would be a good choice. I do however feel if they ever remake Greatest American Hero, he would be perfect.

Well, with the family gone, I plan on relaxing a little tomorrow. Have a good weekend peoples. 


  1. I've never had a Mexican jumping bean... I've had refried beans though. They're not as much fun.

  2. Man, I WISH I could keep my posts short. I need to figure out how!

    OK, the fact that you even mentioned James Van Der Beek made me giggle. Ha ha! I was a big Dawson's fan back in the day!

    I think I may want to see The Crazies, not really my type of film. Hmmm. Maybe a Netflix add. Need to think about that one.

    PS Gave you a shout out in my blog today.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  3. PS Hoped you enjoyed your aunt's visit and I crush on John Krasinski badly. OK I will shut up now.

  4. So, despite the fact that John Krasinski makes my short list, you are spot on with that statement.

    Also agreed on the shock of James Van Der Beek still living. I hadn't heard of Formosa Betrayed at all and now I need to search out a trailer online.

  5. Kristy, LOL, you're missing out. Nothing like a burrito filled with Mexican jumping beans to put a bounce in your step.

    Ally, Appreciate the shout out. I Used to really like James Van Der Beek, though not from Dawson's Creek. I liked him in Varsity Blues. I like your lengthy posts. Gives one something to really dig into.

    Erika, From what I've seen of Formosa Betrayed, it could be really good.

    Mass, Totally.

  6. As far as the Greatest American Hero, if you want all the latest news...

  7. I have never thought about reviewing a person but I might just do that now. I love getting ideas from random places.

  8. I was going to use 'Dawson's Creek' as last week's 'Can You Guess This TV Theme', but the nazi's at YouTube were all like you violated copyright laws (blah blah blah)....

    I don't think Krasinski would make a good Captain America.... Captain America was supposed to be super ripped after taking the serum.... Krasinski is kind of tall and lanky....

  9. Im still convinced Mexican jumping beans jump because of magic.

  10. On second thought, I'm with you Carl, the whole larva thing is just propaganda.


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