Friday, February 26, 2010

Battle of the Planets: Semi Finals 1 of 2

***Voting Now Closed***
After a fierce war just 4 planets remain. There will be one vote today and one tomorrow. On Monday we shall have the final vote and find out which is the greatest planet. And now, take a look at the contenders and choose.

Facts about the planet:
Loves to dance.
Hates the taste of fish.
Likes to go for a swim in nothing but it's rings.
Takes care of its own.


Facts about the Planet:
Was picked on as a child.
Has a degree in etymology.
Is shy at parties.
Paints turtles.

So who will it be?


  1. NEPTUNE. Was never a fan of those rings.

  2. I give Neptune a sympathy vote. It's so blue had a depressing childhood. I recommend lots of therapy too.

  3. Galileo mistook Saturn's rings for bunny ears. (I think it was a bunny...maybe a rat...I can't remember.) Anyway, Neptune doesn't have ears, so I can't in good conscience vote for a planet with no ears. (I don't know why. It's just a rule I've always had.) So, for me, Saturn gets this one.

  4. I was going to vote for Neptune, but then I read the whole bunny thing.... I like bunnies! Go Saturn!

  5. Besides, there's only one way to decide the battle between Neptune and Saturn.... Whoever created Saturn knew 'If you like it then you should have put a ring on it....'.


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