Friday, March 12, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Review

All the week's new movies reviewed in 7 words.

The Exploding Girl (limited) - Sorry, it's not a cool superhero movie.

Tales from the Script (limited) - A cool looking doc that's about screenwriting.

Remember Me - ROBERT PATTINSON!?! Seriously!?! I need a nap.  

Our Family Wedding - So wait, this isn't from Tyler Perry?

She's Out of My League - Jay Baruchel? How can I not watch?

Green Zone - Way better than the old blue zone.

You know what I miss? Back in the early 90's the way every movie would kick in the credits with a rap song. It was so incredibly stupid and silly that I loved it. It actually left me scarred in a way. I have what you might call a tick. Sometimes when I'm watching a movie -especially if it's an 'important' film- when it gets to that split second before the credits roll, I hope for a rap. If it's a particularly serious movie, I have even been known to freestyle my own to supplement for their oversight.

So yeah, you might have picked up that I'm not the biggest fan of Twilight or of Robert Pattinson. But seriously, is it just me or does it seem like even in the commercials for his new movie he can't act? That's never a good sign. Also I'm secure enough in my masculinity to see what women find attractive about most leading men, but I don't get it with him. To me he suffers from what I'd call 'Frankenstein Head.' A very tragic syndrome that simply means, if you were to shave his head he would look like Frankenstein's monster. 

Course he's not the reason I won't be seeing the movie. I haven't any interest in it because I have no idea what it's about. Most of what I've seen has just been sold on his back. So to be fair I decided to read a synopsis of the film. It was a paragraph long and I couldn't concentrate on it. Several times I attempted it, and each time I glossed over it. It's like the movie is trying to protect me from itself. A brave sacrifice that should not go unnoticed. At any rate, if any of you do see it for one reason or other, please let me know what it was about. I'd like to find out whether or not it applies to all summaries, or just the one I didn't read.

Anyone remember A Fish Called Wanda? I read the other day that they're turning it into a musical. At first my eyes glazed over, but then I read that the music is going to be done by Bill Bailey. Which made go from a groan to 'really... no that is interesting." I realize since he's not big here in America, some of you might not recognize the name Bill Bailey. He's a well known comedian in the UK, performs music as part of his act. He's done loads of Brit shows and movies. Course much as I love him, to me he will always be Manny from Black Books. 

Black Books, is a Britcom that starred Dylan Moran, who's an Irish comic you might have seen in Run Fatboy Run as Simon Pegg's best friend. The show was partially written by Moran as well as the amazing Graham Linehan. It's one of the funniest, weirdest shows you could ever watch. I know awhile back all the episodes could be found on Youtube. Might still be there. At any rate I can't recommend it enough.

Hmm, I tend to go long in these weekend posts. Ce'st la vie, I'm not editing it. 

EDIT: I wrote this a few days ago. I've been busy this week due to there being something wrong with my brother's health. I don't know presently if I'll be posting next week. I'm waiting to see how things go. Hopefully he'll be alright and I'll return sometime next week.


  1. Thought the same thing about that Our Family Wedding movie

  2. Sending good thoughts for your brother and family.
    Keep faith,

  3. First of all I hope your brother will be okay. Take all the time you need.

    Secondly I am with on that whole 'Frankenstein Head can't act'. First he looks like a ghoul in person and has the IQ of a cookie. I saw a clip they showed of his new movie on Letterman and you could swear when they came back that Letterman had that 'what the fuck was that' look on his face and all it was was Pattinson saying a few sentences to a female character on the street. It wasn't like his delivery came from a stoned person because that is ALWAYS funny but from a mental patient. It was like he was trying to be James Dean but had NO clue how to even approach that. I hate him. I really do because there are so many TALENTED actors that he is taking a job away from.

    Add that to his 'acting' with the Mistress of Gloom Kristen Stewart and I would bleed from my eyes if I had to watch/film a 'Twilight' movie.

  4. I will keep you and your brother in my thoughts and prayers

    I am ALL about "She's out of my league"... this is my kind of movie

  5. First off, hope your brother is okay.

    As much as it pains me, I wouldn't watch "Twilight" if it was free. It pains me because it has wolfmen and vampires in it, and for missing them I will be sad. Though the WW's looked GD phoney in the trailer...

  6. My prayers go out for your brother along with everyone else. We will miss you, get back as soon as you can.

  7. Just wanted you to know that I hope everything is okay with your brother. Take care.

    As far as Robert Pattinson, he is perfect as Edward for Twilight, but I think he should fade into oblivion once the movies are done. I see him as Edward Cullen, the vamp; not Robert Pattinson, the actor…lol. When I saw the trailer for this movie, I just rolled my eyes. I noticed that it’s by Summit Entertainment…the same people that put out the Twilight series. Interesting…

  8. Oh my god... Frankenstein head... you are soooooooooo right about it! He's attractive sometimes, but mostly... not my cup of tea.

    Hope your brother's situation improves, will be thinking of him this weekend.

  9. Thanks everyone! We're still waiting till next week to hear back on some tests, but things look like they're not as serious as first thought.

    I should be regular posting again Monday.

  10. So sorry. I hope everything is ok man. Yeah, give us updates when you can. My thoughts and prayers are with your bro.

  11. First off, I hope everything with your brother turns out ok....

    Second, I've never been able to understand how they cast the two most bland people (R. Patz and K. Stew) as the leads in Twilight. They knew it was going to be super popular.... Why choose them?

    And seriously, K. Stew, if you didn't want to present at the Academy Awards, you could have stayed home.... Seriously!

    Ha Ha! Just read Cal's 'Mistress of Gloom' comment.... I think that's the perfect description...

    I Think It's Interesting

  12. First, hope everything is ok with your brother! Good thoughts sent your way.

    Second, I liked Twilight but I could see them redoing it with a better cast.

    Frankenstein head. That's just freaking awesome! Add that with Mistress of Gloom and I am gonna incorporate those into my daily life some how. LOL.

  13. Glad to hear the tests are coming back better than expected man, we will be here when you get back!

  14. Jerry, I don't mean to out you here.... But you said, and I quote, 'Twilight is better than Interview With A Vampire'.

  15. I'll echo what the other folks said and say also that I hope the news has turned out/will turn out well for your brother.

    And I heard they're doing a re-make of Castaway with Pattinson as the volleyball. Should be pretty good.

  16. I hope your brother gets better soon. This was another great piece by you. I look forward to more!

  17. I remember seeing stuff for "Remember Me" a couple months ago via itunes and I was really surprised when I started seeing trailers on TV a couple weeks ago. I could have sworn that it was going to be sent straight to DVD.

    Saw Green Zone this weekend. It was, by no means, epic; but I was entertained during the entire movie. You can't ask for too much more than that.

    Sincerely hope your brother is well. You are in my thoughts!

  18. A Fish Called Wanda musical - interesting
    Did you know they made a musical based on "Silence of the Lambs"
    I waiting for a proposal to do one based on my blog.


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