Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Best Movies You Probably Haven't Seen

There are some movies that are like the proverbial chicken soup for the soul. It may just be a personal thing, or it may be widespread. But after you watch it, you feel refreshed, in the same way you do with comfort food. For me, I have several. One of which I've found repeatedly when discussing it with other people that they've never even heard of it. So it seemed destined that it would one day become an installment in this series.

This Week's Feature:

Lawrenceville Stories Mini Series [VHS]
Lawrenceville Stories (1986)

Zach Galligan (Gremlins) Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) Stephen Baldwin (Bio-dome, No I didn't have to choose that for his credit, but I did) Edward Herman (Lost Boys) Josh Hamilton (Away We Go) Robert Joy (CSI: NY) Nicholas Rowe (Young Sherlock Holmes)

The Gist:
Based on the series of stories and novels written by Owen Johnston, it tells the crazy goings on of the students of Lawrenceville, a boarding school. Zach Galligan plays 'Hickey' a mischievous and clever student who matches wits with the teachers and rival students. The film is peppered with wonderful characters and hilarious situations.

Why you should watch it:
Aside from the cast which is pretty outstanding, it's a sweet telling of stories from long past. I remember watching this and wishing I could be sent to a boarding school. It's squeaky clean entertainment that leaves you feeling refreshed afterwards. I loved this movie so much, years later I searched out a used copy on Amazon and even got a copy of the book.

Why you might have seen it:
It ran as a Mini-Series in '86, when was I was too young to care about it at the time, and then on Disney in '92 when it was released on video. I caught it on one of the old 'free Disney weekends,' before it became a pretty standard channel.

Why you probably haven't seen it:
See: Why you might have seen it. Really, it's a narrow time frame. I haven't seen it play anywhere since. It's one of those treasures that has fallen forgotten by time.

Scene to savor:
That's really tough, since the film has a lot of little moments. Maybe when Dave Foley is lamenting to his Latin professor about being too average for a nickname and the professor responds with "Some people are born for greatness, and some people have greatness thrust upon them... you look like a thrust upon."
But really the whole movie is one great scene after another.

On a scale of missed gems: 5 out of 5


  1. I will have to search Netflix for it. I love movies that are hidden gems. I was only 2 when that movie came out so I prob wouldn't of remembered if I saw it.

  2. It really is a great movie.
    I was 3 when it came out. I had sisters however who remembered it and sat me down to watch it when I was old enough to appreciate it.

  3. I never saw this when it aired. I was going through a darker phase of teen years. Now that I am all old and stuff this sounds really great! I have to search for it. Thanks:)

  4. Why have I never heard of this? It sounds great!

  5. Jeeze I'd see it just to see how Zach is in another movie. Wonder if he still has the perm.

  6. Oh man, I just hurried over to see if Netflix has this, they don't :( OK, new rule, make sure Netflix has it for Ally before writing about it. Ha ha, just kidding. Man, what a bummer. I was all excited to get this too :(

    I have a thing for prep school and private school films. Sick, I know.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  7. WOW a good movie with Foley and Galligan. I will have to seek this movie out. Thanks for the review.

    My Thoughts

  8. Ally, I don't find that sick at all. Film and books always make it somehow sound so fun. lol

    Jerry, Foley's done some good movies. He's also done some of the worst ever, but he's done some good movies.

  9. A 5 out of 5! And it's available nowhere! Where was I when this was on????

  10. I did mention I had to buy it used off of Amazon. My copy is VHS so I haven't even watched it in a couple years. I'm going to have to get a converter and start ripping VHS to DVD while the film is still good.


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