Monday, March 1, 2010

Let me put songs in your head vol. 7

After reading Ally's two posts on music last week, I was in the mood for some specific tunes. Click on the artist\title to view it on Youtube.

Damon Albarn - Strange News From Another Star - If you don't know, Damon was the lead singer for Blur. The song is actually one of Blur's songs, however this is a special live performance he did on BBC radio. It's him and a piano. It's a very haunting rendition.

Graham Coxon - Bittersweet Bundle of Misery - Graham was the lead guitarist for Blur. He also contributed vocals for the group, most notably on Coffee & TV. He's also had a pretty successful solo career. This is one of the really catchy ones that tends to get its hooks in my mind.

Supergrass - Mary - Definitely not Blur, but still Britpop. Supergrass is probably best known in the states for their song 'Alright.' I chose this one however not just because I love the song, but because the video is wicked creepy and awesome.


  1. Hey I see you around a lot of the same blogs (Ally and NWM just to name a couple). I also noticed you are also a Nashvillian! Love Supergrass!!!!

  2. Yeah, I've seen you around on the same sites too. Not quite a Nashvillian, but close enough. lol. I'm going to have to stop by and check out your blog.

  3. I'm listening to the first song and it's making your blog creepy.

    The power of music.

  4. I like this type of post, TS. Getting exposed to music I was unaware of.

  5. Ok, so this song is kinda scary and a bit much BUT it has grown on me and now I love yelling/singing along with it.

    She doesn't have a nice voice, and so it makes it fun for me to sing along with.

  6. Geof, I like trying other's choices in music, so it seemed natural for me to offer the same for others.

    Brad, she has a weird voice, but I'm digging on the song. It's trippy in a good way.

  7. TS, I 'm going to have to check them out one by one.Loved the title of your post
    Have a great day!

  8. Bittersweet song is great. So is the video. Kinda reminds of the early concept videos Mtv The buzz used to play.

  9. Man, I bought Supergrass' first album fifteen years ago. Can believe that?

    Love them!

  10. I only got into them about five years back. Love their stuff though.


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