Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Non-Review: Repo Men - Shrunken Head Review

Thomas: Hello and welcome to another Shrunken Heads Review. This time we'll be reviewing Repo Men. Boy it's good to be back. Seems like we haven't done a review in awhile.

Smith: I know, I know. Just too busy with other projects.

Thomas: What other projects? You're staked to the ground.

Smith: I'm writing my memoirs.

Thomas: Fascinating. Anyways... how'd you like the film?

Smith: I've been trying to come up with a joke about repossessing the plot, but I'm stumped. Instead I'll just say that the film was not as horrific as the commercials led me to believe and that I feel it ripped off Philip K. Dick.

Thomas: It stars Jude Law, how horrific could it be?

Smith: Well, Forest Whitaker...

Thomas: Forest Whitaker says horror to you?

Smith: Always and ever. He is the boogie man that co-stars in my nightmares. Sometimes I wake up in the night afraid I'll hear him panting somewhere in a corner. One time I'm pretty sure I actually saw him.

Jeffrey: Not this again. For the last time Forest Whitaker is not the boogie man, he's just an actor.

Thomas: Jeffrey, do I even want to know what's behind this?

Jeffrey: No, let's move on and hope he lets it go.

Thomas: Well, what did you think of the movie Jeffrey?

Jeffrey: I thought it was pretty decent. I'm a fan of Liev Schreiber and I thought it was a good role for him. The story was pretty standard sci-fi fare, with no real surprises, but unlike Smith I did find enough suitable horrific images to please the gore-pup in me. Plus there was a sense of humor to it that I always appreciate.

Thomas: What'd you think of Jude's performance? I know you've never really cared for him.

Jeffrey: Well, I mean it's not that I don't care for him, so much as he's one of those actors that if I hear he's attached to a project I'll turn away cause I think he'll be boring. But then when I'm actually watching I enjoy his performance.

Thomas: Ah yes, the Gwyneth Paltrow Effect.

Jeffrey: Exactly.

Smith: Personally I thought he was only good for part of the film. I found him convincing as the hunter, repossessing people's organs, but I didn't buy his empathy towards others when he was himself the recipient of a new heart. His performance just comes off as too cold.

Thomas: I don't know about that. I thought he seemed pretty emotional. How about the story overall? I've heard some disparaging comments from both of you.

Smith: It's a rip off of Philip K. Dick.

Jeffrey: How can it be a rip off, it's based on a book?

Smith: Well then the book was ripping him off.

Jeffrey: What Dick novel is he ripping off?

Smith: I don't mean a specific story. I just mean that the style and plot feel like it was monkeying Philip K. Dick.

Jeffrey: You're an idiot. I hope Forest Whitaker visits you tonight.

Smith: That's not funny! You know how terrified I was the last time.

Thomas: Gentlemen, please stick to the topic at hand.

Smith: Yes, I'm with you. Let's discuss the movie.

Jeffrey: (Heavy Panting) Welcome... to the... Twilight... Zone.

Smith: Seriously, stop it! I am not joking here.

Thomas: Come Jeffrey, leave Smith alone. Just curious, have either of you read the book it's based on? I know the author worked on the script, so I'm interested to know how close the story skews to the book.

Smith: No, I haven't read it. I probably will now. I'm the type who likes to read the book first. This time I was just too busy.

Jeffrey: What with creating your own masterpiece and all...

Smith: What's that supposed to mean?

Jeffrey: I'm just curious what you could possibly find to write about. You were born in France. Stayed there for all of two minutes before your family moved to England. You went to school, studied accounting of all things, before joining our explorer's club. Three successful expeditions and the one ultimate fail that landed you here at the age of 26. The end.

Smith: Dying hasn't stopped me from living. I'm sure there's a lot of people who would be interested in reading the life and times of a movie watching shrunken head.

Jeffrey: Nope. No one would. Well, maybe Forest Whitaker...

Smith:  You son of a b-

Thomas: Alrighty, I think this is as good a time as any to wrap things up. For my own part I thought the movie was a solid watch. While none of the ideas will be particularly new to sci-fi fans, it's how they're utilized that makes this movie. All the actors turn in good performances, though I think Schreiber was underused. There's a decent amount of gore, but this is really more of a thriller, with the horror coming from the idea of it, rather than the images created. Add a nice bit of humor and you have yourself a recommended film for genre lovers, and a solid rental for everyone else. Anything you'd guys like to add?

Smith: You'll see, my book will be a best seller and one day you'll be doing a review of the movie adaptation!

Jeffrey: Starring Forest Whitaker.


  1. Great review! I love the Forest Whittaker banter!!!!

  2. I feel the same way about Jude and Gwyneth and Angelina so you could imagine me seeing the trailer for "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (where my Coral said and I quote - "That must be what it's like in your head all the time") and seeing all THREE of them with robots and skyships and nazis. My head nearly exploded. Now I just love that movie but I thought they would mess it up.

  3. I am actually looking forward to seeing Repo man!

  4. I too am looking forward to this movie...but this review was some funny shit...Forest Whitaker stuff was great...I just watched him in Fragments and I hear he is visiting Smith tonight...

  5. Forest Whittaker as a scary guy...I'm not buying it. Jude Law yes..his hair scares the crap out of me. LOL JK Sorry Jude if you ever read this...hehehe

  6. Leiv is da bomb. Thanks Smith and Jefferey. BTW...aside from the topics, I'm always impressed with the way you lay out your posts.

  7. Thanks Lisa!

    Kal, your head must be a scary, scary place. lol

    Chuck, Thanks. I haven't seen Fragments yet myself. Any good?

    Susan, I think you'll be safe on that score. lol

    Copy, thanks, I feel the same way when I'm reading your posts.

  8. I am proud that my mind is a scary scary place. You only see 1/10th of the madness and the potential.

  9. This was awesome. I was blown away by the banter amongst the heads. You always do a splendid job. I bow to you sir!

  10. I love the 3 way review. Great idea! you are very creative my good sir. I am going to rent repo men when it comes out on dvd now.

  11. This is a very creative way to do a movie review.

  12. Did the three heads see the movie? Or is this like the Wolfman post?

    I understand the Paltrow effect.... But didn't she redeem herself a bit in Iron Man?


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