Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ask a Kitten (non-advice)

Dear Mr. Fluffers,

With winter being as harsh as it was, I decided to learn how to knit this year. It took me awhile to get it down. Eventually though I managed to become an expert. I decided that I would knit my husband a scarf, as he loves the cold weather but never takes care to dress properly. The scarf is bright yellow with tassels and spans about seven feet in length. I worked hard on it in secret for a month.

The trouble is, I could have sworn my husband's favorite color is yellow. But before I could give it to him yesterday he looks up at the sky and starts yelling about how he hates the sun because it's yellow, the 'color he hates more than anything.' I already told him I'd knitted a special surprise for him, but I can't give him a scarf he'll hate. Help?

Nutty Knitter in Nova Scotia

Dear Nutty,

It pains me to hear of your dilemma when it was easily avoidable. Here's what you do: Unravel the scarf in entirety. Then proceed to roll the yarn up into a giant ball. Next procure a kitten. Get a cardboard box and place the kitten and the ball, and any other yarn kicking around, inside. When he sees the kitten and the yarn he'll think you're the most clever woman he's ever met and the three of you will live happily ever after.

And in the future you can avoid these types of problems by keeping a kitten on hand.

Mr. Fluffers.


  1. Kitties are also effective when you have those random Mummy invasions at your home. Especially if the Mummy' wear yellow scarves. Look it up.

  2. Another solution to Nutty's problem (albeit a nerdy one): Explain to husband that the sun is not yellow, it's white. (Otherwise clouds would look yellow.) So really he hates the color white, and lucky for him, you made him a non-white scarf!

    Also, this problem will soon become moot if he keeps looking at the sun.

  3. Hahahaha! So funny...I will have to remember this trick!



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