Thursday, March 18, 2010

True Confessions

I have nothing to hide. Well, actually I do, and that's why it's hidden. However confession is supposedly good for the soul, so I figure I should get in on that action.

Confession Number 1: Creed

My Own Prison

Sometimes I look back at my teen years and wonder if I was unknowingly on drugs ala some government experiment. Sure I had my brilliant moments, but I also have things in my past that I'm not proud of. For instance, Creed. I was a fan when they came out. I loved their sound and Scott Stapp's voice. I thought their lyrics were brilliant. While they were never my favorite group, they were in heavy rotation in my CD player for about a year. 

When their second album came out, I didn't care for it as much, but was willing to forgive them a minor misstep. I still enjoyed half the album and figured they were just suffering from the sophomore slump. When the third album was released I found only a couple songs I liked. Really though, from the second album I had already begun separating from them. Mostly I've always considered myself to have good taste in music, and Creed just didn't fit in with that.

Soon it was over. I no longer felt anything for the band. When Scott Stapp released his first solo album I couldn't even stomach the idea of trying it. I went years without listening to any of their music except for what I heard on radio or TV. When I did finally pull the CDs out again it wasn't the same. It never would be.

However on occasion I still pull out the first CD and listen to some of the songs. In a weird way it's like stepping outside yourself. See I listen to it, hear the crappy music, his horrible voice, and their second grade attempt at lyrics and I know it sucks, yet it familiar sucks. And for that familiarity, the urge once and awhile hits. Also irregardless of the rest of their cannon, the last song on the first album is still good. 

So yes, I listened to Creed when I was a teen, and on the rare, rare occasion, I still do. Bad as they may be. And that is my first confession. Good thing I'm not Catholic or I'd have to say a lot hail Mary's to wipe that slate clean.


  1. Creed huh? I cant really make fun :) I liked a lot of bands I am not proud of! I hope you feel cleansed!

  2. 'With eyes wide open, T.C. disturbs me." What? Those aren't the lyrics?

    I have various boy band sins so who am I to talk? But they DANCED!!! In sync they DANCED!! (see what I did there?)

  3. I never got into Creed or their music but I am sure there are bands I would need some Hailmary's to cleanse myself so I won't judge.

  4. It's OK TS, I'm a closet Third Eye Blind and Blink 182 fan :) Please DO NOT TELL ANYONE!

  5. I love me some 'Third Eye Blind'. Their song 'How's It Gonna Be' breaks my heart everytime. Look at me, answering YOUR comments like I am living here.

  6. Listening to music I liked a long time ago, is like stepping back in time. The guy in Creed had a nice voice, but other than that, meh...

    Third Eye me their best song was "Motorcycle Drive By." Never was a big hit though. If you got it, play it!

  7. Ally, I liked some Third Eye Blind too. They had a few that were both catchy and clever.

    Cal, Think of this as your summer home. Mi casa su casa.

    Pat, it is like stepping back in time, I just wish the time in question wasn't so shameful. lol

  8. Okay I liked Creed then and I like them now. Don't listen as much as I used to...I have been revisiting Godsmack from that era including several great Youtube vids they did. Ever since I saw their Faceless concert video...well I play it everytime I am on the treadmill since it runs just long enough.

    BTW...irregardless is not a word. It's just regardless. Sorry!

  9. These things have to be done! It's amazing how a song has the power to transport you through time.

  10. My Own Prison was a great album and I agree that Creed went downhill with each release thereafter. What’s This Life For and One were my favorites. I did like Higher off their next album…I admit it :)

  11. DUDE, My Own Prison? Torn? AWESOME songs, I love the first album and I consider it to be a staple in 90s rock despite what anyone says. Then came the second album.. Ill head bang in the car with the windows rolled down with you anyday!

  12. If we're admitting our sins.... I actually bought the 'With Arms Wide Open'.... Bless me father....

  13. I must admit to occasionally having an old Creed craving, though it is a much rarer occurrence than it once was. :)


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