Friday, April 23, 2010

The 7 word weekend review

This week's new releases in 7 words each

Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This (limited) - So wait, what year is this again?

Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D (limited) - Ha ha ha ha ha... move along.

Accidents Happen  (limited) - I see the future and it's Lifetime.

Oceans - What do you know, I found Nemo.

Boogie Woogie (limited) - What isn't Amanda Seyfried in these days?

The Back-up Plan - No cleverness, I'm really just not interested.

Paper Man (limited) - My inner imaginary superhero likes French toast.

The Losers - The ads suck and I'm not sold. 

As summer edges closer, the number of movies being released each week gets longer. So I won't be making a concerted effort to hit 'all' the new releases for the season. However if I pass up one worth mentioning, I'd love if you'd leave a 7 word review of your own.

I'm finally off the antibiotics, which is awesome. They made me feel all sluggish and tired. The day after I finished I was bouncing around the place like a rubber ball. Well not literally, but you get the idea. 

Funny short story; a few years back my brother picked up a bunch of cheap cds from some pawn shop that was going out of business. He knew I liked The Strokes and got me a copy of Room on Fire. Well I already had a ripped copy that I'd attained "legally" so I saved it off to the side as a backup copy. Well without my CD on hand, no mp3 player around, and no copy on my laptop, when the mood struck to listen to a few songs, I had to resort to the copy he'd purchased. 

I slid it into the computer, media player kicked up, and the music comforted my soul. However when I went to change the song I noticed all the titles were in what I believe to be Korean. Music is the same, but the information is stored in a different language. I'm not sure why this amused me so much, but it did.

I've been on a documentary kick lately as you may have noticed. I go through phases where I want to watch them in abundance. I watched one a couple years back that I thought was endlessly fascinating. Since the 30th anniversary of The Shining just recently passed, it reminded me of this doc. As I watched it online originally, I checked youtube to see if someone had posted it there and what do you know, they had. 

If you have the time you should check out Stanley Kubrick's Boxes. After his death Kubrick left behind thousands of boxes full of miscellaneous items. This guy who made the doc got permission to go through them and get the back story on all sorts of things. It's incredibly fascinating. That link will take you to the first part. It maybe considered sacrilege in certain groups, but I never really cared for Kubrick's works. He had talent, but he made a lot of boring films in my estimation. I put this out there, because even if you don't like him, you should find this interesting.

You may have noticed, I started setting up some pages here. I have one that I'll update once a week with my picks for movies, music, and books. I even set a 'blog of the week' though I'm thinking now I might just give that it's own page to showcase. So be sure to check it out once a week for fresh recommendations. 

That's it for me this week. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hi I'm a new Friday Follower & I'm looking forward to exploring your site. It was hard to find a site that isn't full of mommy & me pictures!

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  3. Finally someone agrees with me on Kubrick. I think he is half a genius. He does great parts but few add up to a whole 'good' movie. 'Dr. Strangelove' is an exception. He got that one right because the black comedy sorta kept him from flailing off in his indulgent directions. Half of 'Full Metal Jacket' is brilliant - the first half. I find most of his other stuff a chore to go through. I get what he is doing and maybe that obviousness hurts the overall impact.

  4. I have read the entire run of the LOSERS comic and I like the actors they cast in those roles so I have high hopes for this film. Like the A-Team without the obvious baggage that movie carries.

  5. OK, so I have yet another suggestion. Man, you must hate me. I think from here on in, you need to link us to the movie's websites or something on moviefone so we can check them out in more detail. You get me all hot and bothered with indie films I have yet to hear about and I'm all, "Man, I wish I could just click and see read more!"

  6. I actually started counting to make sure they were all seven word tidbits. You're good.

  7. Kenny Chesney is the highest grossing concert artist of the 2000's.... It baffles me too....


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