Thursday, April 15, 2010

8-bits and pieces: Arkanoid

I could review current games, but then the old games would feel left out, and really who wants that?

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Arkanaoid (1986)

GENRE: Arcade

History: Similar to Atari's Breakout, the game filled arcades, bowling alleys and laundromats for years. The game has been released in various versions across most platforms. A thousand clones have been spun off, often just as much fun as the original. I accept plenty of substitutes in this instance. It has also recently had newer versions released on XBox live arcade as well as the Wii and iPhone. 

STORY: Theoretically there's some bit about aliens and space ships, but come on, no one plays it for the "story."

GRAPHICS: Clean, styled, and very colorful. You don't need anything special graphics-wise for it to look great.

MUSIC: Nothing to speak of.

GAMEPLAY: Depending on the version you're playing. If it's the stand up arcade version, than the spinner works great, easy to use. For the NES you could use the standard controllers or if you purchased the set, use the special controller made for the game. Both had a tendency to be sticky though the special controller worked a little better. The special controller is also one of the most sought after NES collectibles. 

REPLAY VALUE: Infinite. There's always the possibility of beating your friend's or your own score. Plus since it's mostly about reflexes, you can zone out and listen to music.

FLAWS: Limited boards and sticky controls are a problem for earlier versions. 

OVERALL: It's still one of the best games to play in an arcade or on the computer, but for the NES version I can't recommend it. The controls are just too glitchy. 


  1. TS I LOVED this game as a kid. I also loved Breakout :) I was so addicted to it. Wii has it? I totally have to check that out, but I bet it's much harder now. Like all of the Mario Bros games, I find them impossible to play :(

  2. "Breakout" was almost the first video game I had ever seen.

    In fact the first I saw was "Pong," but that was so antiquated it didn't really count.

    However, I never saw the original Arkanoid anywhere. But did constantly see it mentioned in games magazines, where every second free demo on the coverdisk would be "An Arkanoid Clone".

  3. I was a breakout kind of kid growing up. I never really got into Arkanoid.

  4. I loved this game! But that tiny controller with the turning knob was no good for me....

    I was never really good at the game. I usually never got past the third level without getting a warp pill. The laser pill was the best!

  5. I would say I still play Arkanoid at LEAST once a month. Love it, and all of the derivatives (Thunder and Lightning, anyone?)


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