Thursday, April 8, 2010

By The Music: The Sea - Corinne Bailey Rae

So I wanted to review some CDs, but the traditional way seems boring. They take forever to read through and after awhile all the descriptions start to blend together. Since everyone seemed to like the way I've been rating actors, I wondered if the same formula might work for an album.

Here's the gist: I'll take each song, give it a rating 1-5, based on how good the song is. Unlike with movies where the list would take way to long to show you the individual ratings, I'll post them here for you to see. Along with a brief statement about the song. An over all rating will be added up at the end, and a grade will be established.

I've chosen to start with the new Corinne Bailey Rae album because, well, I happened to be listening to it when I thought of doing this.

So without further ado:

The Sea

1. Are You Here -slips too easy into the background - 2/5
2. I'd Do it All Again -You can feel the emotion in every syllable -5/5
3. Feels Like The First Time -I understand what she's going for, but following the previous song the opening piano is too jarring. Different placement on the album may have helped, as the rest of the song is good. - 3/5
4. The Blackest Lily - Fun, bouncy, and great chorus. - 5/5
5. Closer -Kind of reminds me of Al Green, but depending on your mood the repetitive parts can get on the nerves. -3/5
6. Love's on its Way - bit slow but pretty fantastic - 4/5
7. I Would Like to Call it Beauty -The lyrics are fantastic but the song drags. - 2/5
8. Paris Nights, New York Mornings - feels like an old Gene Kelly movie. - 5/5
9. Paper Dolls - Great lyrics, great music. Makes me want to sing along. - 5/5
10. Diving for Hearts - Intelligent lyrics, and the right melody for when I don't want a pick me up. Kind of creepy in places, which I love. - 4/5
11. The Sea - The titular (yes I laughed when I wrote that, but I'm childish) track. I don't know but I would guess the song relates to her late husband. The song is just heartbreaking. - 5/5

Adding it up that gives it a score of 43/55. Which works out on my curve to a solid B average. For me it was a buy since I was already a fan. At the very least it's worth ripping a copy from a friend. Blah blah blah, stealing is wrong, blah blah blah. 

If you don't know what she sounds like, here's a video for her first single off the album: I'd do it all again

And please let me know what you think of the new system.


  1. Solid review. Good system. I think you have a new niche!

  2. I like it too. Will check out the ones you gave 5's too (I'm afraid I don't know any of these), even the titular one.

  3. Is it bad that I laughed when I read "titular" too?

  4. Thanks for the review. I gotta find some new music. My Abba 8-Track is wearing out.

  5. I enjoyed this, TS! I think you have a great rating system and look forward to your future reviews. And thank you for introducing me to Corrine Bailey Rae. I checked out some of these songs on YouTube and really liked them. She reminds me a bit of Sade. Great post!

  6. Am I wrong in thinking she reminds me of Erykah Badu? Yeah Sade I could see too. She's good. Just a thought, but you should rate blogs that way too. haha.

  7. Tgoette, Thanks! Yeah I can hear what you're saying about Sade. Course I do enjoy some Sade as well.

    Copy, I hadn't considered that one. I'll have to try listening to some Badu, with that in mind.

  8. What a great way to review an album. Thanks TS.

  9. Is there anything you can't do?
    this is awesome.

  10. Not one 1/5? And five 5/5? Hmmmm.... Maybe I'll download this one....


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