Monday, April 5, 2010

Let me put songs in your head Vol. 12

I rarely listen to the radio. Well as far as music is concerned. There's plenty of talk radio I listen to on occasion. I just choose to find my music through other means. However I had it on for a few minutes the other day when one of the stations was doing a 90's day. It put me in the mood for a couple of tunes.

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Spacehog - In the Meantime - The rest of the album is a mixed bag. In fact all their albums were pretty mixed. Though I do like several of their other non-hits. This song was their big one and it's still awesome.

Better Than Ezra - Desperately Wanting - BTE is one of those groups that if you're in the mood for, nothing else is going to fit. The voice, the lyrics, the music, all amazing. It's a also a rare group that makes me want to play bass, but this is one of them. This song was my favorite of theirs for a long time. I thought it sounded so beautiful. Then I heard that it was really about a fraternity's initiation and that changed the song completely. I still love it, it just skews things differently.

Toadies - Dollskin - My flip side this week is a band thats big hit, Possum Kingdom, was in the 90's, but who had a fantastic second album in 2001. My sister got me into this band and for a time they were my second favorite group. Saw them in concert and thought they had one of the best shows I'd seen. My love did fade away after they disbanded. And though they got back together and put out a third album last year, it didn't raise them in my estimation. The newer album lost the melodic quality that they previously infused in their rock. It was just sloppy all around. Still Hell Below Stars Above is a phenomenal album, and Dollskin is my favorite from it.


  1. I gotta say I couldn't help but think of Helmet when I saw Spacehog has an album called "In The Meantime" ... I've never really checked them out I should. My friend was always obsessed with The Toadies.

  2. Those are all good. "In the meantime" was one of my "go to" songs when I was twirling signs and the time was dragging...

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  4. Three great choices and I still listen to them today. You're right about the 90's, there was a pile of good music put out. I look at my CD collection and 95% of it is from the 90's.

  5. Check out Movits! I'm crazy for Movits! ha.

  6. TS Hendrick - Filling my IPod 3 songs at a time....


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