Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday = Game Time

Who Would You Be?

Rules: A classic TV show, or movie, or book is chosen. Everyone states what character they think they'd be and why. 

Today I've Chosen:

Gilligan's Island - Movie Poster - 11 x 17
Gilligan's Island

So many classic characters. But who would you be?


  1. I would be the Professor. Some of the crap he "developed" during his time on the island is just awesome.

  2. I'd be that lifelike monkey Gilligan befriend in season 4 episode 12 "Monkey See. Monkey Me."

  3. I would be Gilligan for the same reason that Pat said. Besides, if you are an ignorant little child-like person, life is just fun...and fun is what I would be having if I was on that island.

  4. The ship. I'm pretty sure that's who I'd be. Of all the characters it seems to fit the best. If I bet myself that I could get a bunch of people somewhere, you know I'd somehow lose that bet and screw everything up.

  5. I'd be the professor...cause I could make some shit outta coconut shells and palm I would have been smart enough to threesome with Ginger and Mary Ann!

  6. Ok, am I the only one who thinks the professor wasn't nearly smart enough? Seriously. It's a hole in a boat. If you can make a radio out of coconuts... But it would be the choice gig because I'd be all "mentalizing" while Gilligan and the Skipper have to forrage for and cook my food, carry my water, build my shelter and basically do my bidding. That stuff's below my pay grade.

    I'd probably be "and MaryAnn" cuz I tend to be last pick for teams...

  7. I would be Mary Ann. I am from Kansas, I make great coconut pies and I am considered quite a looker!

  8. Mary Ann, I like to cook, I'm no glamour queen, and I'm often underappreciated by the opposite sex (except for the nerds... nerds and old farts LOVE me)!

  9. I would have to be the Skipper. He is a big, sweet, kindly old man who likes to whap skinny guys on the head with his hat and call them "little buddy" while screaming at them.

    That is so me.

  10. Professor, so that once I went Island Crazy I would kill everyone but Ginger and Mary Anne and then use some jungle potion to make them both my wanting slaves - remember I said I went Jungle Crazy so no court in the world would have convicted me.

  11. I'd be Ginger, so I wouldn't have to wear the same clothes every day. [She brought a heck of a lot of outfits onto the ship for a 3-hr cruise.] Mrs. Howell did too, but I wouldn't want to share a hut with Mr. Howell - for obvious reasons.

  12. Great idea! I was a huge fan of Gilligan’s Island and I would love to have been Mary Ann. She was the unassuming girl next door and I just liked her.

  13. I would be The Minnow cuz I have a hole in me.

  14. I so wanted to be GInger but I am Mary Ann all the way.

  15. Awesome topic, as usual Mr. Hendrick....

    No one showing any love for the Howells huh?

    Are you asking us Which character we resemble most? Or which character we would want to be?

    I resemble the Professor, but I'd want to be Gilligan-like....

    Was the Professor gay? Did he ever show any attraction to the ladies? And why did Ginger pack hundreds of gowns for a three hour tour?


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