Monday, April 26, 2010

Let me put songs in your head Vol. 15

I'm thinking I need to find a new way to present this column. I like passing on music picks for the week, but relying on Youtube can get annoying. Until I figure it out though, it'll have to make do. Today I feel like some covers.

Click the artist\title to see a video of the song.

Mystery Jets - Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis cover) - I hate Leona Lewis's version. This one however gets me. I especially like the little bit of Stand By Me in the middle.

Brave Saint Saturn - Here is the News (ELO cover) - BS2 is an offshoot of my all time favorite group Five Iron Frenzy, which I will be discussing soon in their own post when I review their DVD. However I ask you to listen to this and tell me it isn't the best ELO cover you've ever heard (although other than them I can't off hand think of anyone who's covered ELO).

I am Thesaurus (parody of I am the Walrus) - The flip side this time is from The Chaser's War on Everything, an Australian comedy show that's really funny and more than a little obscene at times. This one always cracks me up.


  1. oh, TS for a moment, I was so, so ,so confused...I clicked the first link and somehow ended up here...

    (type it into your browser, you'll be so happy)and well, all the respect I've had building for you crashed mightily. I'm still reeling from the aftershock...when I get my thoughts together I'll come back and comment, but not on today's game...I freeze under pressure to be clever.

  2. How the heck did you get there? I tried the link and it works correctly. That's just weird.

    I'd try it again as the song popped up for me, and it really is worth a listen. Not sure how you got directed to that video.

  3. My kid just came in and made me listen to that stupid boots song by Jessica Simpson. I welcome Leona Lewis now.

  4. Well? How far into the song did you make it before you went screaming into the night? I do like where you intended to send me, but really...stop distracting me with cool non-mainstream music... I've got a house to clean and Baby Got Back pumping through the speakers down stairs...

  5. Well, they have similar titles or something and mine was the next video in line I guess, my spastic hands went to it before I realized what I had done. you did watch the one I did? AND YOU LIKED IT? What's wrong with my taste?

  6. No,no,no, I liked the one I intended you to view. I don't know what the heck you clicked on was.

    And I can't help but distract with cool music. I can clean house to anything.

    I once cleaned the kitchen to the strains of Alone Again (naturally) by Gilbert O'Sullivan. True story.

  7. I'm not quite sure about the first two.... But I could listen to I Am Thesaurus all day....


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