Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday = Game Time

Questions and Answers: Would You Rather...

Rules: I'll start the ball rolling by asking a question (i.e. would you rather do this or that) the first person to comment answers my question and then poses a question themselves. The next person to comment answers the one posed by the commenter before them, and then asks a would you rather question themselves. Thus we create a chain of funny and odd questions & answers.

Question:  Would you rather attempt to swim through a pool of extra chunky peanut butter OR sit through a 24 hour marathon of Paul Blart: Mall Cop?

Choose, but choose wisely.


  1. I fucking love peanut butter. Id swim that shit no questions asked. Death by peanut butter actually is my #3 way to die, so either way I win.

    Next Question:
    Would you rather sit through a 24 hour marathon of Paul Blart: Mall Cop -or- eat Kevin James underwear?

  2. Definitely the Paul Blart thing. You would probably survive that, at least physically, but to drown in peanut butter would be a nasty way to go.

    TS, I have issued a challenge to you on my latest post, if you have the time!

    And my question:

    Would you rather fill your underwear with hermit crabs, or spend the night with Paris Hilton, doing all the things SHE wants to do?

  3. Paul Blart, if I can be online at the same time. The only reason peanut butter doesn't win out is that swimming in it would be too hard... might even kill me because I'd run out of steam and then the peanut butter would suck me under like quicksand. At least PB (haha, peanut butter and Paul Blart both start with PB... hmmm), this is Paul Blart, won't kill me... probably just driver me

    P.S. BGtheBrain - GROSS!!! I was eating lunch dammit!

  4. Balls! Left that window open too long! I would rather do the Paul Blart marathon, this time n'all. Who knows what you could catch from his undies.

    See above for my question.

  5. Paris Hilton. First, I'm a girl, so I probably wouldn't get raped/get syphilis. Second, she's probably in rehab for something, so I'd just get to chill at some cozy resort place. :)

    Would you rather be boiled alive in a pot of lobsters -or- tickled to death by Richard Simmons?

  6. I'd rather be tickled to death by Richard Simmons. The boiled alive is one thing, doing so in a pot of lobsters is another.

    Would you rather have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?

  7. Bionic hearing. I can't hear worth a shit, so I know what I'm talking about.

    Would you rather have a one-on-one conversation with George Washington or George Bush?

  8. George Bush. The guy seems like he'd be up for a few beers and maybe something a bit harder too. Besides, I'd really like to ask him how he managed to get re-elected after such an awful first term.

    Would you rather have sex with a hopeless horse or a corrupt camel?

  9. Peanut butter! That's like a fantasy of mine.

  10. A corrupt camel because I would think he would know a thing or two about a good hump...Oh man that was bad...But I am having bad desert visuals. And I may need therapy..

    Would you rather lick a hairy lollipop (hair origin unknown,,,,cherry flavored) or the hairy armpit of a sweaty jock friend??

  11. T.I.S, sorry I couldn't do either of those...ever. I could however stick a hairy lollipop in the hairy armpit of a sweaty jock friend...that would be great!

    I suspect no one commmented before me cause everyone found it unsettling...well played.

    Would you rather be repeatedly spanked by a monkey or Roseann Barr?

  12. Yum Peanut Buttah! Can I bring some bananas with me?

  13. Yes to Ally. Kudos to TIS for the great camel joke.

    In response to Jerry's question: definitely the monkey. No explanation necessary.

    Would you rather be stuck on a deserted isle with Gilligan or the Skipper?

  14. Definately the Skipper. He has more white meat and you gotta look to the future when we run out of food and no longer have the strength to fish.

    Gilligan is all stringy and barely a snack.

    Plus the Skipper would have more of those salty sailor stories to tell.

    Would you rather spend the morning in a vat of baked beans or cream corn?

  15. I'd have to say creamed corn. I'm not a fan of beans.

    Would you rather be trapped in a port-o-potty all day or eat a wheelbarrow full of deep fried sardines?

  16. I've never had sardines, but I like fried food, but is the whole wheelbarrow supposed to be eaten in the same day, but has the port-o-potty been used, and can I have a book or some paper (other than toilet), but it might be really hot that day...

    So much to consider. I guess I'll take the port-o-potty, please. (That sounded too eager, huh?)

    Okay, here goes:
    Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with an angry late-term pregnant swan for 12 hours, or drive an un-air-conditioned slow truck across the state of Tennessee with a nauseous baboon?

  17. Peanut butter! I'd rather have death by peanut butter than by Paul Blart! I've heard Paul Blart 2 is in the works!

  18. I'm gonna play again cuz Asblack didn't follow the rules and I fee bad for rep@stake.

    I am choosing the slow truck. That swan would kick my ass and there is no where to go in that elevator.

    would you rather be Louie Anderson's personal sponge bather or get massaged with sand paper for 2 hours?


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