Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Refurbished Words; updated lyrics for a new generation

Oldies songs have a special place in my heart. I went through a phase in my teens where I listened to everything from the 30's - 60's. There's a lot there that I feel is being missed out on by the youths of today. Part of the problem I think is that people just spoke differently back then. Let's face it, you could say whatever you wanted so long as you were subtle about it. Subtlety is something that is lost in this era of obscene lyrics. Don't get me wrong, I like those too, but it just seems like too many are missing out. With that in mind, I have decided to do my part by updating lyrics to classic songs. My updates will be in red.

Today's Song:

Runaround Sue
'Runaround Sue'
'That Slut Called Sue'

Lyrics by 
Ernie Maresca and Dion DiMucci

Refurbished by
Yours truly

Here's my story, its sad but true
It's about a girl that I once knew
She took my love then ran around
With every single guy in town

Here's my story, sad but true
'bout this girl I used to do
She took my cash then slept around
With every other guy in town

Ah, I should have known it from the very start
This girl will leave me with a broken heart
Now listen people what I'm telling you
A-keep away from-a Runaround Sue

Oh, I should have known that my love was doomed
Her name and number in the motel bathroom
Listen peeps to what I'm telling you
I'd stay away from that slut named Sue

I miss her lips and the smile on her face
The touch of her hair and this girl's warm embrace
So if you don't wanna cry like I do
A-keep away from-a Runaround Sue

I miss the feel of her lips locked on mine
But she's like a bicycle, everyone's had ride
So if you don't want an STD from her too
I'd keep away from that slut named Sue

Ah, she likes to travel around
She'll love you but she'll put you down
Now people let me put you wise
Sue goes out with other guys
Here's the moral of the story from the guy who knows
I fell in love and my love still grows
Ask any fool that she ever knew, they'll say
Keep away from-a Runaround Sue

Oh, she always creepin' around
She'll screw you on her way through town
Now peeps listen to the truth
There's no guy, Sue wouldn't do
Here's the moral of the story I'm telling you
When I see her my soldier still salutes
But any fool that she ever screwed
Will say, keep away from slut-bag Sue 

Yeah, keep away from this girl
I know know what she'll do
Keep away from sue

Yeah, stay away from this chick
Don't know who she won't screw
Stay away from Sue


  1. Sounds like you should record the cover for this, it will make the top 20 on Howard Stern's show for sure.

  2. In a world of remakes, you should really try to make this happen. Dion would be proud!

  3. That is quality work my friend. You are truly a multi-talented guy. Way to clear up what that song's about!


  4. I love it. I am constantly changing songs and making up new ones for my toddler. It works the brain while doing the mundane.

  5. Nice updates. Save these in case you ever go into therapy. They may be helpful!

  6. Awesome TS! I love this :) Ha ha "Now peeps listen to the truth" ha ha...


  7. In my world, that's a big hit!!!

  8. You so need to do an acapella version of this on YouTube. You are our next American Idol!

  9. Love the remake. I want to hear it sung to me though.

    Don't forget to play THE MOVIE GAME

  10. Oh my goodness. You have me laughing this Wednesday morning -- THANKS!!!
    Have a great day. Your site always makes me smile.

  11. I can imagine listening to that one on the radio. Really!

  12. I always thought it was funny that there was a song about how slutty that lady was....

  13. Awesome - it's fun also in older books the subtle ways you learn how sexual/deviant/whatever characters are.


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