Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Overheard Conversations: Pelicans

"Did you enjoy yourself at all?"
"I told you I don't want to talk about it."
"Look, I didn't know she was going to be there."
"That didn't stop you from talking with her for an hour."
"She was going on about killing herself, what could I do?"
"It's the same thing she pulls every time we go out. She just wants attention."
"...You're right... ok? You're right. I just feel responsible."
"I know you do. But she's not your fault. She wasn't doing you any good."
"That's it though, I swear. Next time I see her I'll ignore her. We ok?"
"Of course."
"Wanna pick something up on the way home?"
"Sure, I feel like fish."

The photo was taken by Pat Tillet. He was generous enough to let me use it for my craziness. More of his pictures can be found at As I Saw It. Thanks again Pat!


  1. I knew I had seen that picture before! Pat sets you up and you knock it outta the park...great work...funny stuff too.


  2. You're f'n crazy and I love it!! Yiu should have called this post "Talk of Seagulls"...you know cuz you can make Talk sounds like Flock. Yeah I know that's pretty lame.

  3. Thanks Chuck!

    Geof, I'm planning on doing more of them with other animals. Otherwise the your gag title would have been perfect.

  4. Ha! When I saw the title I was thinking you were at a restaurant of that name...put the picture at the end next time! :)

  5. That was figgin' funny!
    "Sure, I feel like fish!"
    My drink came out of my nose when I read that line...

  6. TS, your commentary is awesome! And holy crap Pat, that photo is ridiculously great!

  7. Yet another laugh for the day! Especially picking up the fish. Too good.

  8. First off, how the hell did Pat get that pic? Hangglider?? Second. Pelicans.

  9. This happens all the time with those damn pelicans. Every time with the 'Don't leave or you'll be sorry! I have the unsnipped plastic from a six pack of Diet Coke sitting right next to me! Don't think I won't do it!' Those birds are so dramatic!

    And always with the fish! Try something new! You're so skinny! You need some carbs....

    Is it sad that I saw that picture and thought to myself, 'Hey, that looks like a Tillett original!'

  10. Carl & Asblack, I'd say it's a testament to Pat's skillz. See, he even earned a 'z' he's that good.


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