Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 ways the same: Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Notebook

In response to Abbie's sort of challenge a few weeks ago. Here are ten ways the two movies are essentially the same.
(I wrote it earlier but forgot to post it.)

10. Both involve transformations (i.e. "You're a bird, I'm a bird")

9. Tell me James Marsden isn't the Barry Bostwick of his generation.

8. Both are being told as a story by a narrator who is shown.

7. Both showcase horror (Alzheimer's is scary!)

6. Both involve death of loved ones.

5. Both are at the heart of the film, love stories.

4. Both are about building (a house... a man...)

3. Both involve multiple partners

2. The Notebook is essentially summed up in the lyrics to Timewarp

1. Both involve transvestites. (Wait, what do you mean Gena Rowland is a woman?)


  1. Ha you've convinced me again, especially with 'both involve tranvestites'.

  2. Hahaha, I'm impressed. It was a bit of a stretch in places, but way better than I could've done. You win.

  3. I was prepared to argue. But who could argue with that?

  4. Great finish about Gena Rowland.
    you are so damn funny!

  5. lmao: YES! you are a winner. :)

  6. Man, I am such a loser. I've seen neither one of these movies, but when you do this kind of thing, it always saves me the trouble of having to see both. So, thanks.

    You forgot one obvious one, though. Neither one has the letter A in their titles. Obviously you left that one out just for me. So, thanks. Again.

  7. The Notebook is that movie that everybody loves, but I've never seen....

  8. i can't believe i have still never seen the notebook. i'm not sure how i feel about sparks. he seems a bit sappy. hmm...

    barry bostwick was pretty damn hot. james, hmm... maybe.

  9. *snort* on the last comment!

    ASBLACKASOBAMA: You need to see it! Seriously, great movie. Of course, I'm a girl... that might make a difference.


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