Friday, May 14, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Movie Review 5/14/10

New movies reviewed in 7 words each.

Just Wright - Something so Wright, is just so wrong.

Letters to Juliet - Seriously, haven't we seen enough Amanda Seyfried?

Princess Kaiulani (limited) - Is this a Lilo and Stitch prequel?

Robin Hood - I'll watch, but with a critical eye.

I mentioned it earlier this week that I was a Robin Hood geek as a child. Well, that carried over somewhat into adulthood. I'm very protective of the story. I don't like the dynamics being messed with. I can't say for sure whether or not this will be good or not. I know I heard early horror stories about the various plots they wanted to write. From the trailers it doesn't look like any of those have been carried out (mercifully) but I'm still unsure about it. For 1 it's Robin Hood, so why does it look boring? For 2, it's Ridley Scott, which to me actually explains 1. Ridley Scott doesn't exactly thrill me as he  has others. I find mostly what he makes to be dull movies. Not necessarily bad, just boring. 

Oh and 3, I used to like Russell Crowe a lot. Back when he did Virtuosity, I thought he was the coolest and had hopes of him being a favorite of mine for years to come. Unfortunately he Russell Crowed himself. A really terrible way to go. Bit by bit in his Oscar madness he tore away till all that remained was as boring as Ridley Scott. On the other hand I still love him in several roles, so maybe this will be his rebirth. Maybe Robin Hood will be an awesome movie.

I doubt it, but we must entertain these hopes.

I believe I've said this a time or two before, but let me say it again: What the heck is with Amanda Seyfried being in everything? Hasn't she ever heard of oversaturation? Seems like half the movies this year have been either been based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, or else starring her. Sometimes both. I didn't really care for her before, but she didn't get in the way of me watching films before. Now though, if I see her name, I rethink the idea of viewing the movie in question. You think I'm kidding? As I was writing this I looked up at the TV for one second and saw the ad for her new movie. I don't care what you say, it's a personal thing against me.

Charlie BartlettAnyone seen Charlie Bartlett? It's a movie from 2007 that I hadn't seen till this year. It stars Anton Yelchin as mixed up kid who starts selling second hand psych drugs and advice to kids at his new school. Throw in Robert Downey Jr., Kat Denning, and Hope Davis, and you have a great cast that delivers a fantastically funny and dramatic movie. It's a great character driven film that really allows you to see each character grow with their own arc. It's another one of those movies I'd meant to watch when it came out and then totally forgot. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. 8 out of 10.

I just want to remind everyone that I have the "blog of the week" section. Each week a great blog is highlighted. If you have a chance, check out the blog in question. Follow, maybe say hello from me. My goal is to feature each and everyone of the blogs I love reading.

I'm glad to say that flood week is over here on The Non-Review. But it's still a reality that many are dealing with in this state. The effects are going to last for quite some time. So I do ask you all to continue to pray for those who have been hit hard. It's a disaster on the scale of Katrina, but without the coverage in the national news. So please keep everyone in your thoughts, and if you're feeling generous, maybe make a donation to The Red Cross, who have been doing a great job helping flood victims.

As for me, I'm done this week. Hope sunny skies are in your weekend's forecast cause it's raining again off and on here. Something we most definitely don't need.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder on Charlie Bartlett, I had also meant to watch it and then...well you know I got distracted. I also fear for Robin Hood, not quite sure if I'll just wait for the video. It's one story I don't want to see bastardized. Thanks for the reviews and hope your rain stops...however I fear you may be getting soon what we have in Dallas today. Stay dry!

  2. TS,

    Hold tight buddy! I'll be back to comment on this soon. ~7~ is my favorite feature of the Non Review, and boy do I have a lot to say about this one...I actually already did. But then Cow came home and well, there is a reason that expression is so popular... Cow is never home, ever. But he's been rained out on the farm (you know how that is) and I got so excited to see him that I Xed out of here before hitting publish.

    I'm not over the moon about any of it, as you can imagine, but then again, neither is Cow.

    Charlie Bartlett, LOVED IT. Good rating.

  3. For as much hype as I heard about Robin Hood 6 months ago, I haven't heard anything lately. I didn't even realize that it was coming out today.

    I will wait for video on that one...

  4. thanks for reminding me that I wanted to see Charlie Bartlett but forgot about it.

  5. I love Charlie Bartlett. Anton Yelchin + Kat Dennings + Robert Downey Jr = definite win.

  6. Thanks for your very concise reviews. I have to agree about Amanda Seyfried. The problem is she plays the same character over and over again. Time for her to be a raging serial killer...

  7. I like these child actor on the cusp of puberty type movies.

  8. You might think this is ridiculous, but I really liked the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood and I thought that Alan Rickman made a great Sheriff of Nottingham. I’m not a Ridley Scott fan either and find his movies dull as well. I will wait for DVD to see this new one.

    Completely agreed about Amanda Seyfried. This chick played a dumb blonde in Mean Girls and now she’s in everything. Makes no sense.

    I’m glad to hear that Charlie Bartlett is a good flick. I’ve heard of it before, just never seen it.

    My thoughts are definitely with you as Nashville recovers from the flood.

    P.S. I’m glad you saw that I gave you the award. Your blog is cool, I thought the award was cool. You definitely deserve it!

  9. I think I may have seen that movie about the kid selling meds! In fact I'm sure of it. I remember the trailer too. I like Hope Davis :)

  10. I've never seen a Robin Hood that I didn't like, so I'm with you on this one. Holding my breath, hoping that it doesn't find some strange way to ruin it. Because they would have to do something really strange. It's Robin Hood. How can you screw that up? But maybe if Robin shot lima beans instead of arrows, and Marion was 98 years old, then it might be a bit more of a struggle. But I bet I'd still like it.

  11. I really wanted to see that Charlie Bartlett movie....

    I'm going to give you a movie to check out TS.... The Education of Charlie Banks.... It's actually a Fred Durst film, and it's better than his music....

  12. I think I'm getting sick of seeing Amanda Seyfried in everything, too.

  13. I am not sure the new Robin Hood will be very good. Which is sad because most Robin Hood movies are a thumbs up. This whole weekend I was watching Robin Hood Men in Tights. Still cracks me up 1 million views later.

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