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The 7 Word Weekend Movie Review 5/21/10

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words 

180 South: Conquerors of the Useless (limited) - I fell asleep just reading the synopsis. 

Racing Dreams (limited) - Kids, NASCAR... Don't need another five words...

Shrek Forever AfterTell me it's really going to end...

MacGruber - I totally plan on see- *boom* "MacGruber!"

I suppose the question with MacGruber is whether or not a repetitive (though hilarious) 30 second skit can translate into a 90 minute movie. SNL movies are known to range from largely problematic to outright crap. Still there are a lot of very funny people involved in this film and the previews do look promising. I don't really agree with people that say SNL is the best it's been since the 90's. I think there's a lot of talent on the show, but the writing has produced a lot of mind numbingly bad sketches. From what I've seen, it's made for some really great shows where everything clicks, as well as episodes that are just unwatchable. My point? I like MacGruber, it's a funny skit. I just hope it's the brilliance that comes through in the movie and not waste.

Speaking of waste... Shrek Forever After comes out today. Oh don't worry, I'm not doing a Shrek related diatribe. I did actually like the first movie, I just think the series is overrated. No the Waste I'm speaking of is Eddie Murphy's career. I remember a short time ago when he was talking about retiring. I wish he had. I love his old stuff, but he just hasn't produced much of value in the last decade. Now I hear speak of a rumor that he's working on another sequel in The Nutty Professor series. Which is just... I can't do it... *sigh*

Here's some music till I regain my composure:

Ok I'm back. A little Camera Obscura can soothe the savage breast. Evidently, thanks to reading Archie Comics as a kid, I spent many years thinking the expression was 'music can soothe the savage beast.' Thank you Archie Comics for contributing to an embarrassing episode in my youth. But I digress (if that were possible in a column that's about moving from one point to the next without any hint of transition).

So you remember that Superman car I showed you a while back? Well it turns out the guy who runs the local Essex owns it. Spent all kinds of money to customize it. I still think it's insane. I like the symbol on display, but the rest is too much. 

Love HappensI decided to go against some of my own rules recently. I watched a Jennifer Aniston film. It's not so much that I won't watch a film with her in it as I try to avoid movies that are sold on her name. It's a quality thing. I liked her back in the 90's when I hadn't gotten tired of her playing the same character over and over. But in the words of the Monkees, 'That was then (that was then) and this is now.'  That said, I love Aaron Eckhart and decided to give Love Happens a try. I'm glad I did. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more his movie then hers. 
The film centers around Burke (Eckhart) a self-help guide who holds seminars aimed at helping people let go of their lost loved ones. With a best selling book and a rising career he should be doing great himself. But from the very start of the film it's apparent that Burke, A widower, hasn't been able to help himself. Not the most original of plots. But that doesn't matter because the story itself is well written. Perhaps a little drawn out in places, but very decent. Jennifer Aniston plays the catalyst for his change of life. 

The film is filled with drama but has a great sense of humor. As far as criticisms, like many films, I feel it could have been cut down a little in length for a better, tighter film. Judy Greer plays an exaggerated version of her usual character, which is a little annoying. But the supporting cast is more then made up for by the heartbreaking performance John Carroll Lynch delivers. Altogether I'd rate it: 7 out of 10

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the essential oils reviews, and I was thinking of starting one on herbal supplements or natural medicine in general. I'm curious to know if any of you would be interested in something like that? 

I might post something later, but if not, have a great a weekend everyone!


  1. Four. Though it seems like there should be more it's been going on so long.

  2. TS, I am a huge supplements and herbal kind of guy so I would be anxious to read your posts on that and maybe even collaborate from time to time...if you are interested. I have been toying with the idea of a second blog with that as the theme. It's just so time consuming on a regular basis and I wouldn't ever want to do that subject a disservice.

    As you can tell by the front page of my blog...I am totally into Jennifer Aniston, I don't care if she was standing there talking to a rock! That front cover she did for Rolling Stone is in a glass case in my bar.

  3. love your movie reviews. i'd also love some herbal supplements reviews. i'm skeptical, but I also know there are a lot of benefits to be had. you're a smart guy and i'd like to know your thoughts.

    glad you gave 'love happens' a decent review. it's nice to have some decent chick flicks that i can watch with my gf. always good for some bonus points. There aren't a whole lot of 'when harry met sallys' or 500 days of summers. gems.

  4. I don't usually give Aniston the time of day either, but if you get a chance, 'Derailed' was a great movie!

  5. Chuck, I haven't worked out yet how I'd want to tackle it, but I might be interested in getting some guest posts from various people discussing it. I will keep you in mind. That said, the Jennifer Aniston comment, is a truly disturbing image. lol

    Lisa, agreed. haha

    Camel, I understand skepticism. A lot of the products don't work, and most of what's on the shelves in stores is already dead and not at all potent by the time it hits the shelves. This is one of the reasons I make sure I read studies on the supplements before I even try it.

    Asblack, I saw part of it once and meant to go back and finish it. I'll have to go back and check it out.

  6. Thanks for the movie review. Will have to keep an eye out for that one. (We buy lots of "previewed" or cheapo movies....can't be bothered to rent).

  7. My favorite part of your blog. Loved it.

  8. I feel Shrek and Macgruber have been done to death... So to spice them up, I think Shrek should star as Macgruber.

  9. lovaeable, I would watch that. lol

  10. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the essential oils reviews, and I was thinking of starting one on herbal supplements or natural medicine in general. I'm curious to know if any of you would be interested in something like that?

    I would love it! I'm very interested in natural remedies/holistic medicine! If you would like, I would love to collaborate with you as well (I read the comment from another of your readers).

    PS - thank you for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. I appreciate you! :)

  11. Uh, there are people saying that Saturday Night Live is the best it has been since the 1990s? Seriously? I thought this season was severely underwhelming, especially since the end of last season was strong.

    MacGruber looks like it could be good, but it worries me that they didn't let Ebert review it.

  12. I guess I'm truly old. 'Cause I feel like the MacGruber skits never seem that funny. Not as good as the SNL classic skit to movies – Wayne's World, It's Pat and that Molly Shannon movie.

  13. Steve, Yeah, I've heard it from a lot of people. I don't really watch it regularly, but from what I've seen the past season just sucked. They had so many of the 'maybe if we keep doing something over and over again, they'll find it funny' sketches.

    Copy, Can't be age, the skits are parodying a show from the 80's. I was a big MacGyver fan as a kid, so it just lands right with me. Personally I didn't care for Molly Shannon's characters or It's Pat. I think most of us can agree on Wayne's World though.

  14. Growing up I was all about SNL. However, for some reason I think they need to stop turning their skits into movies. Just not cool ... never was. Keep TV on TV.

  15. Ally, the weird thing is, this is the first skit to movie since The Ladies Man in 2000 or 2001. I saw that mentioned in a review I read of the movie, and it surprised the heck out of me.

  16. I still can't believe we're on four Shreks already! I feel old.

  17. I don't watch SNL so wasn't aware of what Macgruber was.

    This Shrek doesn't look too bad. Might make a good weekend rental. But another Nutty Professor? Like the first two weren't bad enough? Yikes. Someone should tell him to go away for a while and rethink the recent string of decisions he has made. Have you done a BTN on him?

  18. I going to wait for DVD when it comes to MacGruber. But if I had to choose between spending my money on Mac or Shrek 4, Mac wins every time. Especially because Shrek the Third was marketed as the last in the series. Now this 3D one comes along?

  19. And TS...Love Happens? Love Happens!? Did you lose a bet?

  20. Geof, No, I'm a glutton for punishment. lol

  21. I would love to read more posts about natural medicine! My inner hippie gives it the thumbs (way) up! :)


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