Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday = Gameday: Now With Less Sex!

What Movie Are You?

So while I was flipping through this women's magazine (Don't judge me. I was a in a laundromat, I forgot my notebook, there were 3 magazines to read, and I'd read the other two. Plus there was this weird guy who looked like if Gary Oldman and Lazlo from Real Genius had a child. And I wanted to avoid eye contact him.) I ran across this game they were playing. 'What movie title would describe your sex life.' I thought, hmm, that's not a bad idea, except for the sex part. (I believe this is the first time I've said sex in a post so I fully expect this to get more hits than anything I've previously done).

Rules: So here's how I've retooled the game: describe yourself with a movie, title or whole. You can pick for your life in general or just what your today feels like. Be as serious or silly as you want. 

For me, I choose:

The Apartment
The Apartment

Not for the subject matter so much as I'm off apartment hunting today. 

So what title fits you?


  1. How about...

    Text in the Country

    Which is as close to the movie 'Sex in the City' as I'm likely to get.

    R U going 2 B home 4 dinner?

    No, bring it 2 me? Luv U!

  2. The Never Ending Story for today.

    Goonies for everyday.

  3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

  4. Yours, Mine and Ours because my house is usually overrun with children and not just my own.

  5. As usual, I feel like cheating, and since that is my basic strategy in life, I don't want to be hypocritical. Therefore I have two movies--one for my actual life, and one for what I wish my life was like.

    Real life: Jurassic Park.
    Because I'm surrounded by creatures (coworkers) that are dumber than most humans, and really belong in cages, but have gotten out somehow, and I'm almost definitely going to be killed by one of them. (But hopefully not eaten.)

    Dream life: Titanic.
    Because as long as I have to be surrounded by dumb creatures, it'd be nice to be filthy rich, and go down before they all start annoying me to much.

  6. Cotton, That's hilarious. But please don't give them any ideas, they might just make that into a film.

    Cheese, Goonies! LOL

    Marlene, I actually considered that one for me too. haha

    Cassie, That's sweet. Good movie too.

    Rep, got a case of the Mondays?

    Copy, LOL! Isn't that a movie about an orangutan?

  7. Hmmmm... ummm... 10 Things I Hate About You?

  8. "Joe's Apartment" and "Office Space."

  9. Lost In Space.... I wish I could be Trapped in the Closet.... Possibly the best movie/music video ever! I want a brother named Twan!

  10. Well for the ladies it's the 'Love Bug'. For my brain it's '12 Monkies'

  11. A Life Less Ordinary for my regular life because I feel like with everything in my life not is bland or boring.

    50 First Dates for my work life, because no matter how mundane it may be I do the same thing every day just to make someone happy.

  12. Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood.

    I love juice.

  13. An excellent new game.. Hmm.. lets go with Hellboy

  14. Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    I'm about as clueless as Holly Golightly most days. Though I'm not much of a gold digger! :)

  15. I feel like john cusack in the math class scene in Better Off Dead. When everyone takes out massive amounts of work and he takes out a piece of paper that says 'do homework!' or something like that on it.


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