Friday, May 28, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Movie Review 5/28/10

New releases reviewed in 7 words each

Sex and the City 2 - Subtitled: The Return of the Crypt Keeper

Agora (limited) - Can brilliant and hot outweigh boring history?

George A Romero's Survival of the Dead (limited) - I already covered Sex and the City.

Prince of Persia - Game, movie, game... I'm awaiting the book.

I love the Prince of Persia series. They're a lot of fun (well, most) to play. But video games don't have the best track record for being turned into movies. In the case of PoP, it has a good story already written for the games. The question becomes, can it be adapted in any decent form. Well, ok, that's one question. I would also ask, who was sitting around thinking Persian prince... Persian prince... Gyllenhaal! cause that's a little slice of silly. Still I'm hoping for the best on it. I can't see myself rushing out to theaters to see it, but I will certainly catch it on video.

I believe George Gershwin said it best in a quote I'm about to make up, "I like Sex in the City as much as the next guy, but the first movie sucked!"

I never saw the first movie, and I didn't care for the show, but then it's not aimed at my demographic so why should I? Still, far be it from me to argue with George Gershwin. He wrote Rhapsody in Blue so if anyone can attest as to whether or not the movies are crap regardless of the quality of the series it's him. Course I doubt that'll stop him from rushing out to the sequel. You know how it is with Gershwin. 

WarGames: The Dead CodeDid you know there was a sequel to WarGames? That's right, WarGames, the Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy film from the 80's. While wandering around a closing blockbuster, I picked up a copy for 3 bucks. I know what you're thinking, and no there's nothing really wrong with me. I've got to tell you, there's a fine line between so bad you want to go around punching people the next day and so bad it's good. WarGames: The Dead Code, walks it like a pro. 

The film takes place in more current times where a new computer has been built to replace the tired old WOPR (Joshua) unit. The new comp is an all encompassing network that was built to be the ultimate in human tampering proof. You can't shut it down, you can't hack it, and you certainly can't escape it. Having come out the same year, I can't help but feel it ripped off many elements from Eagle Eye. But not just Eagle Eye. The film feels like a mash up of Terminator 2, Enemy of the State and a 2001: A Space Odyssey parody. Note I didn't say the original, just a parody of it.

One of the things I really enjoyed is the way it starts out like it's going to actually attempt to be a real -if not cheesy- thriller. But this is quickly put away in favor of bringing back Professor Falken who once again faked his own death. Yes, that's right, he faked his death again. He also happened to have had a hand in building the new monster computer. Which makes perfect sense after the first WarGames. In this film he takes on the Gene Hackman character from Enemy of the State, nervously dodging the government. But that's not where the brilliance ends. I won't spoil the big "surprise" he brings to the film (as if you won't get it in 30 seconds after he shows up) in case you decide to watch it.

There's all kinds of idiotic homages to the original, including a scene where he actually does the trick with the pay phone that Broderick did in the original. Also, it's worth noting that the previews at the start were for Stargate and then in the beginning of the film they're playing an online Stargate game. You just can't argue with that kind of product placement. Don't let the rating fool you, even though I give it 2 out of 10, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys bad films. Because it is that funny.

Normally I don't post on Saturdays, but I have something special in mind for tomorrow. 


  1. I don't get the whole "sex in the city" following. I mean, I guess it's ok - but ???

  2. Oh, I am SO renting that War Games sequel now! Thanks. And as far as Sex and The City goes, I am in complete agreement with Gershwin!

  3. I should have seen WarGames (the original) when I was a kid, but nope. It was neither before my time, nor after my time--it was right smack dab during my time, and I missed it. I've always carried around the shame of calling myself a child of the 80's without having seen this, but now I'm going to have to waste two hours of my life to rent it, so I can waste two hours of my life watching the sequel. Thanks a lot TS.

  4. Dude, I'm so over and never was into the entire Sex in the City thing. So lame ... when will it go away already?

  5. Jake as the Prince just cracks me up. I can't take it seriously. But I'm wondering if I'm supposed to take it seriously? I've never played the game so I don't know the story.

  6. Never heard that George Gershwin quote, but it is brilliant.

  7. I love your 7 Word Weekends, TS, but this is your best in some time imho. The SITC 2 and Survival of the Dead comments almost made me fall out of my chair.

  8. I have to admit I did watch Sex and the City the show but I have no interest in going to see the sequel in theaters.

    I watched Charlie Bartlett the other day cuz of your recommendation last week. I enjoyed it.

  9. SATC 1 was two and a half hours.... SATC 2 is two and a half hours.... How much more can there be?

  10. Im out on Wargames 2, bring on Hackers 2! Now with more Crypt Keeper


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