Saturday, May 29, 2010

27 things about me on my 27th birthday

I wrote this post out a few days back as I don't actually plan on spending the day blogging on my birthday. But I felt I should commemorate it here on my own little patch of internet I call home.

27) The number 27 is my default number. What do I mean by default? Anytime I need a random number, I almost always jump to 27. So I'm turning my default this year.

26) Hendrik is my middle name. My mom wanted each of her kids to have middle names that would work for last names should we decide to ditch our legal ones. While my brother and sisters got cool names with awesome meanings, I was named after my great grandfather (who in all fairness was awesome). I looked it up a couple years back only to find that it was just Estonian for Henry. Yup, I'm a Hank.

25) I was born in Alaska, but moved when I was a few months old cause I didn't like the cold. (Baby joke, classic.)

24) I love old movies; was basically raised on them. I'm almost always in the mood for Capra.

23) I can't see 3D. I used to be able to, but around the time I moved down to TN I noticed I couldn't anymore. So all the novelty of movies doing everything in 3D these days is lost on me. I have to actually watch a movie for the plot. 

22) I hate May. My family has tried to convince me for years that May isn't evil, that it's good because I was born in it. The flood only helped my case against the month.

21) I hate phones. While I'm not so phobic that I can't use a phone, I will avoid it as much as possible. 

20) I hate coffee. (Three hates in a row... sweet.)

19) I'm a floor person. If I'm at home relaxing, I prefer to sit in front of a couch rather than on it. 

18) I love sticks. Everything in the world seems right if I have a good hefty stick in my hand on a summer day.

17) I shot video of a tornado a few years back.

16) I'm very quiet in person.

15) I can almost play the following instruments: Clarinet (my sister had one, and I learned a few basic songs), Harmonica (found one at a garage sale that had a book with it. But I was distracted by trying to annoy my siblings with it) Bass (own one but the electrics never work so even though I practiced on it, I have no idea if I'm actually good.) Piano\organ (my grandpa owned an organ and I used to have a keyboard. I can play silent night and part of the theme from Titanic.) and the guitar (self taught, fool for a teacher... etc.)

14) I haven't in awhile, but I used to collect buttons. (like clothing buttons, that sort.)

13) I don't read a lot of comics anymore but if it comes to it, I'm still DC over Marvel any day.

12) When I was four I jumped onto a moving roller coaster. 

11) Dasani is my second favorite water. My first favorite was my Uncle's well in Grafton, Ont. How good was the water? My Uncle's place was on a hill and a bottling company moved into the valley and drained the well dry. I've never tasted water as good since.

10) I loved poetry growing up and memorized, amongst others, poems by Longfellow, Poe, Blake, A. A. Milne (yes Milne, don't be talkin' bad about Pooh bear!), Pound, and my favorite, Unknown. That guy/girl put out some great work.

9) Horses don't like me, so I don't like 'em back.

8) I'm not actually going to write anything for eight. The way I see it, no one will make it this far (and I can't blame 'em), thus I can just unwind here. It's hard coming up with this many things to write about myself.

7) I love fishing but I hate fish, so unless my mom is around, it's catch and release.

6) When I was three I understood that goods were exchanged for monetary value. I did not however understand why the cigarette butts I collected from the street couldn't be traded to the ice cream man for treats.

5) I've won a couple things in my life. One, a book that got left behind in a move, and two, a CD that was stolen some years back when our place was broken into.

4) As a school project I once helped paint a race car.

3) I have no sense of humor. I was born without one.

2) I've read almost all of the Reader's Digests that were published prior to 1990.

1) My hand itches.

Well that's all 27. It's the first time I've really done something of this nature and probably the last as it took way too long. If I was a more interesting person, maybe, but I'm not. Seriously, I almost gave up after the first four. Thank you for your patience. Have a good weekend peoples.


  1. I also don't like phones, or drink coffee. I like May just fine, though, and all the other months.

    I was hoping to discover what the TS stood for, though.

  2. Happy birthday!!!
    Mr. Hendrik Something!

    We have a lot in common, only you make it sound much, much cooler. Thanks for taking the time to write this, loved getting to know the man behind the blog just a little bit better. Can hardly wait til next year when I'll learn 28 NEW things!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Buddy. I too hate coffee and like to fish. Only I don't like to touch the fish once they have been caught. I would rather throw the whole rod and reel into the water than take a fish off a hook.

    I have a birthday this tuesday but will have to put up 45 facts about myself which would be impossible. Even I am not THAT interesting.

    Oh and according to my buddy, MAY is the month of LOVE. True story.

  4. Happy Birthday, my friend!
    I have to completely disagree with you on number 3 though...your sense of humour is quite amazing.
    (I planned on saying something witty here, but decided against it. So, I am just going to say you are very imaginative, funny, sarcastic and original in all that you post.)

  5. I'm a floor sitter too. It's just more zen.

    Anyway, kudos on the post and happy b-day!

  6. Happy birthday!!!! i'm right behind you.... by just a few months.... july! =)

    i, for whatever reason, imagined you would be quiet in person....

    i think you've got a great sense of humor, and if you laugh at other people then you've got at least some.... and you laughed at my ET post, so there. if you didn't have a sense of humor, you wouldn't laugh at other people.... =)

    i hate hand itches.... i've used combs and my teeth to scratch my hands before.... i've also rubbed my hand back and forth, excessively, on carpet to try to relieve the itching....

    i don't like a whole lot of fish either, however, i DO like sushi, just not big raw chunks of fish.... i like spicy tuna rolls (where it's tiny pieces INSIDE the sushi, not a big raw hunk on top of it) =)

    Hope you have a happy birthday. any plans for this weekend??

  7. Happy birthday to the sweetest blogger, truly the very sweetest blogger I know.

    27 was one of my favorite years. I got my first place, got my first decent paying job. Oh to be 27 again. Enjoy it!

    I love this post so much because it's about you and those are my most favorite posts. Are you blushing yet?

    I have to tell you i am drinking a Dasani now. It's so silly that my favorite water is purified and made by Coca-Cola. I love it more than fancy $7 square or glass bottled waters you get in hotels from springs.

    I love that you have a last name middle name. I've always wanted one. It works better for boys though sometimes.

    PS I can picture you being a quite type. Usually the most creative kids are quiet ones.

  8. Happy, happy default birthday! You are very interesting, sweet and funny. 27 is a great number, too. (It was the year I escaped from LA and started anew in SF.) May it be a year of new and GOOD change for you!
    I do want to know more about jumping onto a moving roller coaster at age 4!?

  9. Happy birthday. May is not a bad month, it is when I was born. #8 is my favorite. Have a great weekend.

  10. It's weird you say 27 is your go to number because whenever I think what age I would now choose to be it comes up 27! Now I'm bummed because I just realized I'll be twice that old next Thursday...hey at least I'm a Gemini, they are the best!

  11. I want to hear the roller coaster story.

    I don't believe that you can be born without a sense of humor. I think it is more of a nurture thing rather than nature.

  12. From one floor sitting phone hater to another... Have a wonderful default birthday!


    I came over via Pat Tillett and I'm so glad I did! You have a follower!!


  14. have a great way to deal with 'hand itches'...just rub it on your face, the beard stubble is excellent for those odd itchy places.

  15. If you have no sense of humour, then why did this post make me laugh???


  16. Happy Birthday TS Hendrik! Loved the list and I don't believe you that you don't have a sense of humor. :O)

  17. Thank you all for the lovely comments and birthday wishes. And I see I got a birthday follow too. Welcome.

    I see some questions have been raised about some of the things I wrote. I will have to do some posts in the future to explain.

    Thanks again everyone.

  18. Happy belated birthday, dude!

    18) I love sticks. Everything in the world seems right if I have a good hefty stick in my hand on a summer day.

    I assume you're seen This is Spinal Tap, right? "Certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful."

  19. Happy Birthday! You're young!

  20. Happy b-day!!

    I actually read all 27. I can't see 3D either, I have an eye condition. I thought I was the only one. Did something happen that caused it. (I am 100% serious)

  21. happy birthday!!!
    i've never been very fond of may either. all the people i knew who had may birthdays were kind of snotty about it (its like they felt smug that they didnt have summer birthdays or april birthdays like everyone else: they were born in MAY). and i think you should add a #8. :)

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!! Jeeze, you're only 27? You write like you're 31. BTW...I'm sure there's a horse that's happy it's your birthday.

  23. Happy Birthday - if I knew where you lived, I'd send you a few buttons for your collection!

  24. Not to appear to be too much of a nerd, but in your 27 years, TS, you have:
    Traveled about 16 billion miles around the sun.
    Taken around 200 million breaths.
    Had about 1 billion heartbeats.
    Probably stolen 3 million Popsicles.
    Most likely broken 60 billion lamps.
    Won 800 trillion games of ping-pong.
    Never once let me borrow your headphones.

    But happy birthday anyway.

  25. Well ear-phones are a personal item. I don't blame him. I suspect you have 'da cooties' Rep.

  26. Naw. I done gived my cooties to TS on his last birfday.

  27. I thought you could only get cooties from girls.

    At any rate if you want my headphones you can have em. They're slightly water damaged but I'll give em to you at a low low price.

  28. Welp, I believed it all until I got to #3 and then I knew it was all a ruse...

    Happy birthday!

  29. Happy 27th B-Day, TS! Number 8 was my favorite and yes I read every one.

    BTW, you have to put on the glasses to see 3D unfortunately, so try that. haha j/k. I'd buy you a beer but it will be way warm by the time it gets to you.

    Party today like it is 1999. Then you'll have to worry about Y2K and all.

  30. Happy birthday!

    I also hate coffee and phones, well not so much phones, as long conversations on phones and text messaging.

    I read all 27 ... You owe me a #8.


  31. Happy belated birthday, dude!!!

    Hey - Guess what? I hate coffee, too....and I'd love to see your tornado footage some day if you are able to post it!

  32. Ha ha, we have a few of these in common, namely the Reader's Digest (I always liked the Drama in Real Life and joke parts). I almost played the flute, but my teacher gave up on me. :(

    Great list, TS! And happy belated birthday! :)

  33. Happy way belated bday!

    (And lists always seem like a good idea, and fun, until you realize even 4 things is daunting.)


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