Monday, May 31, 2010

Village of the Damned Kitties (With Apologies to John Wyndham)

As I entered the city I felt the air around me tingling with a strange energy. The day was just starting to pass into night. Shadows that the sunlight played innocently seemed then to leap away from their hosts in a perverse display. I began to wonder if maybe I aught to turn around. There were stories I'd heard; stories about 'Them.' But I have always held myself to a high standard. There is no place for cowardice in my heart. What I was soon to learn was that cowardice and common sense sometimes walk the same path.

As I walked down the quiet country road I noted all the houses had their curtains drawn. No lights were lit in any windows and not a soul stood outside. I knew there were people inside. I could hear sounds coming from the buildings. The thought that they were all hiding flitted through my head for just a second, quickly dismissed by a rational mind. The sky was getting dark but it was clear and beautiful. I inhaled the sweet cool breeze that carried softly the smell of lilac. It was refreshing after such a hot day. But the enjoyment was to be short lived.

As I neared a stop sign I saw the first one standing off to the side:

His expression was mournful and distant. As if he was ashamed of something he'd done. Possibly afraid to let anyone know of the darkness that he tried to keep hidden inside. I did my best o get his attention but he ignored me. At last though when it became clear I would not leave him alone he raised his sad head and looked me in the eyes:

I was shocked. I stumbled backwards off the curb and into the street. I fell hard, bruising my back in the process. I stared, unable to look away. A moment later he dropped his head again, mournful as ever. I couldn't say for sure what had possessed him, but clearly he was unhappy about it.

Getting back to my feet I noticed others were starting to come out from various hiding places. They didn't approach me. At least not right away. They seemed more curious than anything. The others weren't sad like the orange one was. They were creatures of the night and relished in the fact. The younger ones chased each other and played merrily in the grass. A few others though, watched me cautiously:

I tried to tell them that I meant them no harm. I have no idea whether or not they understood me. The expressions on their faces didn't change. I started to walk away, heading up the street. The eyes of the white one looked over suddenly to where the young were. I had no idea I had been heading towards them:

As the white one looked on, the young went silent and stopped moving. It was as if the beast had instructed them telepathically. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to be far away from there. I started running only to find that other were coming out from everywhere. To my left a calico darted out. To my right, two persians strolled down the front walk outside an innocent looking house. I passed by what I thought looked like the brother of the white one. I was so relieved to see no blazing eyes:

But then a noise grabbed its attention.

I knew then that all the legends and stories I'd heard over the years were true. I was stranded in the village of the damned kitties. 

I ran further until a stitch caught in my side and I had to stop to catch my breath. I saw two cute kitties quietly making out on a window sill. It was a sweet sight:

Until the one opened it's eyes.

The scene was further spoiled by the result of another partner showing up to what was becoming a demon kitty orgy:

I wondered then if I would make it out alive. I happened to have on me a bottle of turpentine, some cloth, and a lighter. I thought if I could gather them together I might be able to make an improvised Molotov cocktail and blow the evil off the face of the earth. I just had to make sure they couldn't read my mind. I pictured a brick wall covering my thoughts. Suddenly their curiosity seemed to grow they approached me in a little cluster.

One of them stood still looking at me. A thought popped into my head unbidden then in a strange voice. I knew instantly whose it was:

What are you thinking of Fathe- I mean stranger?

I could see the mental brick wall beginning to crumble under their thoughts. I knew time was short. So I wrote this out as quickly as I could. If all goes well I'll have lived to tell you about it. If not you'll have this story and the knowledge that I at least took those demons from hell with me.

Though in hindsight I suppose if I hadn't taken the time to write this out I probably could have easily just run away. Well live and learn.


  1. What a fabulously eerie piece. Your writing has such depth.

    I hope you're reading this and made it out of there. Awesome pictures of those creatures. I'm looking for some tupertine, a cloth, and lighter myself. (Thanks for that formula).


  2. These pictures remind me of cadet camp. One of my buddies took a picture of a dog in the church cemetary and it came out with glowing eyes. We had all the young kids terrified about the legend of the 'Demon Dog' who had killed before and would kill again come the next full moon. I guess being away from home for a month makes it easy to induce panic and terror is 13 year olds. Who knew? To this day I deny I had anything to do with the mass hysteria that followed. Kids were stealing knives from the mess hall to protect themselves. True story.

  3. Robyn, thanks. The pictures were so cool I figured they deserved some grand treatment. But I settled for writing this. lol

    Cal, You an instigator? I find that hard to believe. You're so reserved normally. I love the story though, sounds like it would make for a great side story in a kid's book.

  4. A kids storybook? I can see that if they can accept the part about how 'much pooping in the pants occurred' after the howling of a wolf during the full moon.

  5. Well done dude, well done. I even read it twice.

  6. Superb. And you totally freaked me out with those kitty eyes!

  7. That was friggin' brilliant!
    It's one of those posts I'm gonna tell people about.
    Funniest thing I've read in a while...

  8. That is an awesome story but the pictures will snap it together. Those eyes are creepy. I am going to see them in my sleep!

  9. I'm scared to look at my cats in the eyes now. How do I know if they are demon kitties or not? Oh crap, they are probably reading my mind now. Call the pol....

  10. Scary stuff. I pooped my pants. I think the pooping may have been unrelated to your story, but I just wanted to let you know. I thought you would care.

    Great writing. Just watch your tenses. Mixed present and past and a few times, but I'm guessing in the village of the damned kitties, demonic forces may have combined the past and present into one...I'll talk to Marty McFly and see what he thinks.

  11. Wait a minute.... Did TS post this, o were these TS's words transcribed on his blog by some nomadic traveler who stumbled upon the writings of TS?


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