Friday, May 7, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Movie Review 5/7/10

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words

Babies - Dang. It's not a Muppet Babies reunion.

Iron Man 2 - Watch him battle his oldest enemy... rust.

Ocean of Pearls (limited) - No oceans or pearls here, just boring.

Multiple Sarcasms (limited) - Couldn't be as good as the title

I don't know about you, but I'm totally expecting 'Babies' to outperform Iron Man 2. 

So this week is come to an end. I'm done salvaging what I could from the apartment and now I'm looking forward. Got a lot to do, but I felt a bit of a break to write out this column seemed necessary. 

Men With BroomsJust one recommendation today. I finally saw Men With Brooms. It's a funny Canadian film about four estranged curlers who return to the sport to fulfill their late friend's wishes. It stars Paul Gross and Leslie Nielsen. The film is hilarious. Any movie that starts with an assembly line of beavers cutting down a tree only to have one of the beavers yell timber, is destined to be comedy gold. The film isn't perfect and it has some threads that feel tacked on for no apparent reason. But I'm quite willing to forgive that in light of the brilliance to be found here. I was hesitant to watch it at first because Leslie Nielsen has become a gage for garbage comedy in his latter career. But this feels like something more in line with his classic older performances. If you have a chance, let this film sweep it's way into your heart (yes, that was a curling joke, and no I won't apologize for that). 7 out of 10

That's it for this week. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Your Iron Man 2 review is so funny. I want to see it, just not opening weekend.

    Men With Brooms sounds pretty funny and there are movies for so many other sports, so why not curling? :)

  2. A Muppet Babies reunion would be stellar. Only in the world of cartoons could babies reunite 20+ years later and still be babies.

    Animal dance.

  3. Ha - Men with Brooms is one of my hubby's favorites. Go figure - I'm the Canadian, and he's the one who likes it.

  4. Am I a strange guy that the Muppet baby movie looks more interesting to me than the old guy in tinfoil?

  5. A movie about Muppet babies curling. Now that would be something!

  6. Oh, So glad to be back home where I can curl up with my copy of The Non-Review.

    Yeah...your curling joke was better... what else is new.

  7. I do hope you are doing well, Mr. TS.
    I admire you for your wit and attitude, even as you go through hard times. I pray for you and for all who are suffering these floods.

  8. Hahaha "sweep into your heart." God, I love puns.

  9. Damn it TS! I just saw that damn stamp movie! Now I'm going to have to rent a movie about curling?


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