Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday = Game Time: Flood

So yes, this week will have a theme of 'flood' which should come to no surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly. You might notice the new header I have up. My brother snapped a picture of one of my flood choked notebooks. I thought it was a cool picture and asked Reputation@Stake to see what he could come up with by way of header. I think the results are quite fantastic.

Now, to start it all off, we have a flood related game.

Noah's Ark

Rules: God has instructed you to build a boat to survive a flood. He intended a large ark, but you've built a Canoe. Instead of two of every kind, you can save two animals period. 

Which two do you save?


  1. They should probably be able to reproduce, right?

  2. In other words: variety won't be the spice of this canoe?

    It wouldn't be wise to pick a monkey and a chicken I guess.

    Must consider clothing, food and company...what am I leaving out?

  3. I'd take a llama and a platypus. I have no reasoning behind my choices beyond the fact that I think it would make for a hilarious boat trip.

  4. I was going to pick a unicorn and a dragon, since they both got left off the ark the first time. But Cotton makes a good point. Reproduction is important. And according to Shrek a dragon and a donkey can reproduce, so maybe I will take the risk that a unicorn can too. But which one should be the male and which the female...

  5. That depends...Do you prefer dragon milk or milk of unicorn?

    I say that your dragon should be the female, logically.

    The size of a dragon would produce an abundance of milk and then well, (unless unicorns lay eggs?)you should also take into consideration their ability to produce breakfast burritos and baked goods.

  6. Rep, my ten year old thinks your observation about the unicorn and dragon being left off the ark the first time is hilarious.

    You guys are masters at quality, family entertainment...too bad there's not a market for it.

  7. Thanks Cotton. My highest demographic is with 8 to 10 year olds (according to Nielsen ratings) so that doesn't come as too much of a surprise. But it is unfortunate that there's no market for quality family entertainment. I hear Disney has to deal drugs just to break even.

  8. Definatly a couple of Tigers, or Lions or any big cat.

    Then something slow that I hate so that the Tigers or Lions can chase them for my amusement when we hit dry land since there will likely be a few month's lull before the satellite gets back up and running.

    Definately Llamas as my second choice. They would be the worst canoe companions. With their smug attitudes and gossipy conversations, the Tigers or Lions would be dying to chase them for the kill the second we hit the beach.

  9. But before I leave the ark can I give Noah a couple of backhands? I hate that Bible story more than you know. It's just so stupid.

  10. I like how Marlene listed her husband. lol

    Cotton, I would guess dragon milk is spicy.

  11. It's going to get lonely in that canoe. I'm taking two pretty sheep...

  12. A cat for company and a cow for food. I have to eat, right?

  13. Unicorns. Because, uh, they're unicorns.

  14. Pat is kinda on the right track I think, but I would take one pretty sheep and my dog...he's someone I could trust when I was sleeping.

  15. My dog and the only other dog in the neighborhood she gets along with. Purely selfish reasons.

    You have an award at my blog.

  16. I've decided that the two animals I'm taking along are...

    1 Canadian caveman named Cal


    1 Octopus

    and a bag of popcorn.

    Yep, didn't like the way Caveman Cal spoke about my Noah...

    Cal? I believe the word you're looking for is...


  17. To self: "Don't take the bait Cal...Don't take the bait."

    I will choose to take this as one of those problems that involve carrying both me, the popcorn and the octopus across the river but not at the same time.

    Cal will eat the popcorn if they are in the same boat.

    Cal will kill the octopus if they are in the same boat.

    How is it done successfully? To prevent the 'gang' from trying to solve it I have the solution for you.

    Cal kills the octopus on the beach. Cal kills Cotton Blossom on the beach by stragulation with a disgarded tentacle. Cal enjoys popcorn while stealing boat.

    And Cotton, like that story? Gopher wood? 40 cubits? How did the carnivores NOT eat all the herbavores. If they brought enough DEAD herbivore meat for the carnivores how did all those pairs of herbivores feel about seeing members of their species hanging on meat hooks?

    Did you know how many INSECTS they are. Did he take fish because god said 2 of EVERY species not 2 of every LAND species.

    Did Noah go all the way to Australia for Platypuses?

    I can do this ALL day.

    DAMN! I did take the bait. I am so weak.

  18. I'm so disturbed by how quickly you jumped to death by tentacle strangulation...I can't quite move past it, besides...I'm pretty sure your not after a response;)

  19. You and I know I would never do anything like that Cotton. Do I really seem like the kind of person who would touch a dead tentacle? That is sick.

    Besides I have perfectly serviceable shoe laces for that job.

    You do know I 'keed' because I love, don't you?

  20. Wait...does 'keed' mean kid? Or killed?

    How concerned should I be right now?

  21. It means 'kid'. I am sorry. I never think that people may not appreciate playing around like I do.

  22. I will stick to my own blog from now on and not comment on anyone else's comments if the post is not my own.

  23. Cal, you stop commenting and i will have to fly to Alberta and tentacle slap you.

    Shall we just assume from now on that on this blog, we're all a little nutty to be here?

    At any rate, the rest of us have moved on to my next post. I feel like a museum tour guide who has to go back to find the two kids who are playing knuckles in a corner.

    FYI, I'm king of knuckles.

  24. Sometimes I think people don't 'get me'...

    Does that ever happen to you two?

    Okay, Mr. Hendrik...We're coming.

  25. I pick a laughing hyena and a porcupine, just because.

    Thanks for posting your picture. It's good to see your face and not just a little patch of hair on your head.

    Stay safe.

  26. LOL @ Pat.

    I would take a cow and a pig. I know I can take them both and that's some good eating right there.

  27. I would save a penguin and a giraffe and hope that they mate to create a hilarious new animal.

  28. Chicken.... For the eggs....

    Dog.... To hunt for me....

    Hey TS! You've heard of Eddie Izzard right? He does a great chunk on 'Noah's Ark'.... Most birds and all fish will survive right?

  29. I would save a silk worm for some sexy threads and whichever fish is asexual and can like totally reproduce on its own and give me more fishes to eat


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