Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Myspace Timecapsule #4

I wrote a post for today on pennies, which reminded me of something I wrote years ago on my Myspace blog. So I thought, why not repost that here before I post the new one and just make it a penny themed day. I hope you'll enjoy my ramblings from an earlier time. 

(Sorry if the writing is a bit rough, I didn't used to care about polishing up posts)

April 7, 2006 - Friday

A Penny is My Thoughts.
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Category: Life

Why do we still have pennies?
No one likes pennies. Even little children know the shiny big round ones are the ones to get. They haven't been made of copper, a useful metal since what, the 70s?
That one guy that collected like a half million dollars in pennies couldn't find anyone to cash him out. even the scrap metal people didn't want them.
They're a pain in the... well they're a pain. Messy too.
Don't believe that luck stuff neither. You pick up a penny and your life is no better. It's actually worse cause now you have a penny.

I understand that they serve a purpose because of how we add and subtract when money changes hands. That's why I'm willing to eliminate the number 1 if it will help. Oh come on, you know you don't use it. What's the most important thing you do with a 1? Birthdays. Does the kid even remember it though? No. Just wasting money on presents that by the time he's old enough to use, he won't want.

So of course now you're saying to yourself. If we do away with the number 1, how will we properly do math? Simple. For the sake of giving up the number 1, I am prepared to do away with math. Math has really been overrated for far too long. What do we need math for anyways? Exchanging money for goods right? Well the barter system worked just fine back in the day. And you didn't have to worry at all about the cashier jipping you did ya? Nope, cause if you felt the price was too high you could always haggle that your squash was worth at least another egg. Only geniuses really enjoy it anyways. And that starts sepperating us into groups. Do away with math and you'll no longer have jocks beating up math geeks.

Right so now you're next step is things like cars and planes. In reality though we already have all those things figured out. No need to make new ones. So for the sake of losing math I will give up the future of technology. And what the heck do you want with advancments in technology? The cycle always runs that you will become, like your parents and their parents before them, too old to undestand the new gadgets and gizmos that come out. And who will enjoy them? Those punk kids who just want to skateboard through your roses, trampling them and getting all cut up by the thorns so that they can then go home and whine to their mothers and get them to sue you. All because at your age, you wanted nothing more than the chance to stop and smell the roses.

Of course one can't expect to give up future technology without giving up one other little thing. The future. So I suppose I'm willing to give up the future and live in the present only. I know that means doing away with the time space continum. Which means doing away with the earth and the heavens and all life as we know it. But what do we want those for anyways? What did I seriously get for existing? 

The chance to pick up a stupid Penny.

It's worth noting that I wrote this post like a week before they started the first grand talks about how the penny costs more to produce than it's actual value, and how we should do away with it. That's right, I'm just that kind of trailblazer. 


  1. So true about the pennies. You know Seinfeld did a hilarious bit on dying penniless. I'm sure it's on youtube somewhere.

  2. Have you ever sat on a penny in the summer? They *are* a pain in the anyway my kid and I are cheering you right now for the bold assertion that math should just be 'done away with'. Although, even with the barter system, fraud still happens. In fact, the symbol used for a Mayan zero looks something like a cacao bean, perhaps because the fraud of filling empty bean husks with sand and passing them off as a commodity was prevalent in their commerce? I suppose we could just get rid of the number zero while we're at it? Today's comment of Cotton Blossom is brought to you by the number 1.

    Oh wait..

  3. Do you have a birthday coming up TS?!?

  4. Copy, I'll have to look for it.

    Cotton, LOL, Those crazy Mayans... and yes I do.

  5. What about dimes? How come they are smaller than pennies, but worth ten times as much?
    Early Happy Birthday!

  6. Great post. It's so true that your life is even worse when you pick one up, cuz then you have it. Plus, I agree that we should do away with math.
    Are you going to tell us when your b-day is?

  7. thanks joe. I like dimes. They're shiny and worth enough to count. Now nickels... blech

    Robyn, It's in a couple days. I'm doing up a special post for it.

  8. Happy pre-birthday. I guess that means no money in your card. Too much like math. ;)

  9. Geez.... First John Wilkes Booth, now TS Hendrik?

    What's next Mr. Hendrik? Want to get rid of the five dollar bill?


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