Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Overheard Conversations: Pennies

"This sucks."
"What sucks?"
"You know how long we've been waiting here?"
"7 minutes?"
"Funny. You're a funny one. By my count it's been 6 months today."
"Seems about right."
"Well how come?"
"How come what?"
"How come we haven't been picked up yet?"
"You're a regular comedian, you know that? Trouble is, no one places value upon life these days. We're all just disposable objects in a disposable world. You could be a million bucks one day, but still be tossed out with the rest of us the next."
"Well Mr. Comedian, don't you have anything to say to that?"
"Nah, you seem to have put in both our two cents."


  1. You seemed to have lost your cents :)

  2. That is very clever and true.
    Keep faith.

  3. 8 thumbs up for this one. My kind of writing/comedy.

  4. Those two are heads-up.
    I would have picked them up.

  5. What are pennies? Are they something the young people are into or something? They look kind of ugly, though, so it would be fun to squish them on a railroad track. So maybe I'll buy some with one of my credit cards, but I'm not sure where to find them. Does the Non-Review Store carry them?

  6. Empty your pockets of loose change and just walk away Rep. Nothing to see here.

  7. I don't understand, Cal. What are pockets? Are they something the young people are into or something?

  8. Well, Rep, all the cool kids are asking for pants with pockets these days. Those crazy kids - always setting the next great trend. Maybe you should take the leap and stop wearing your Mickey Mouse shorts with suspenders. With pockets you can finally get rid of that man purse because, frankly, between you and me, it was a tad girly. There I said it. No one would tell you the truth. As a friend however, I had to let you know what those whispers behind your back were saying.

    I care because I love.

  9. I bet the whole conversation started with one asking the other:

    "Me for your thoughts?"


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