Friday, June 11, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Review 6/11/10

New movie releases reviewed in 7 words each.

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (limited) - Ha ha ha, wait for it... ha!

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (limited) - Such a vague title. What's it about?

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (limited) - I finally get the joke. It's her.

The Karate Kid - No, I requested that Sidekicks be remade.

Is it just me or have we really been scraping the barrel this summer as far as good movies are concerned? Sure there's been good films, but few 'must' sees. Just look at this weekend. I like Will Smith, but that doesn't mean I want to see his kid mugging on screen for an hour and a half. Besides, hasn't the franchise seen enough damage with the horrible Hilary Swank entry? I swear Pat Morita must be rolling over in Elizabeth Shue's grave. What do you mean she's not dead? Quit lying. Undoubtedly we're still experiencing some of the fallout from the writer's strike. It just feels like the multiplexes are sleepwalking through this summer.

So normally this would be the section where I would talk some random goo and then recommend a movie or two, but this week is different. I've been given a lot of awards from very lovely people over the past month and haven't really had time to properly do things up (I know I keep flogging a dead horse about this, but there was the little flood thing) so I thought I should take the time now to say some thank you's.

The following have been nice enough to mention me\pass on awards, and I hope you'll visit them and follow their blogs because they're really great.

Cal - fights everyday to protect us all from the cephalopod menace, the least you can do is follow his blog.
 Nikki - has a great collection building of classic books from childhood, remembered and given some love.
BayGirl32 - has everything on her blog from funny stories, to odd, crazy thoughts. 
Jules - has a blog that is largely geared towards the fairer sex, but is so good that I really do enjoy reading it (macho and masculine as I am).
Pat - is an incredible writer, poet and photographer. He's also funny as heck. 
Robyn - seems to be able to write equally well the beautiful and the sad, the hilarious and the whimsical, often in a single post. 
Ashley - is a fantastic writer with a flair for writing really sweet stories and really crazy ones. 

I know I'm forgetting some and if I missed you please let me know so that I can add you. 

I also want to mention some other blogs that I love reading and would like to see get some more followers.

First off, I again want to plug Reputation@Stake's blog The Stupid Bet You've read some of his stuff here but his own blog is hilarious. He's got a follower widget now so it's easy to follow. He's going on vacation (lazy) so it's a great time to catch up on his early posts.

If you don't follow Ally at Fourth Grade Nothing you're missing out on a fun mix of fantastically written posts, diary entires, and retro pop culture look backs.

Bossy Betty is an amazing writer who shares great stories and pictures. Her Monday flowers posts are a great pick me up for the start of the week.

Marlene at Disguised as a Grown-up designs the coolest looking cards and writes with humor and style. I guarantee you'll get a kick out of her Word of the Day feature at the end of most posts.

Geof at The Man-Cave is one of my favorite bloggers. Reviews of cheesy horror flicks, current movies, and concerts are only a part of the awesomeness he brings to the table. 

One of the funniest blogs you can follow if you don't already is Not Worth Mentioning -er that is to say, that's the name of the blog, which is totally worth mentioning. I read this one almost everyday.

Chuck at Apocalypse Now has a pretty sick sense of humor, something I always appreciate in a good blogger. A quick run through his posts will reveal funny graphs, fails, and humorous commentary.

Amy and Cory at Listophelia create hilarious order out of chaos by putting everyday things in their place.

No One Reads The Copy is chock full of humor and excellent writing. 

Cotton at Wit Behind the Ears is... hmm... er... well... Where do I start...?
Just kidding. One of the funniest bloggers you can follow. Anytime she starts on a mad jumble of random thoughts you know you're in for a treat.

Abbie at Abbie Turned Normal is a young blogger showcasing a lot of skill and creativity in her writing.

And now here is an award for all of you. It's my own making, so my rules, and as always when I do this, there are no rules. You don't have to write a post, you don't have to pass it on, and you don't have to put it up on your blog. 

Several of you have made comments about not wanting me to run a BTN on you so I thought it would be a funny design for an award. 

And don't forget I also have a blog of the week tab where I highlight a favorite blog. The past two weeks have been Cal, as I got too busy to change it out this week, but generally I'm pretty good at updating. 

Well, that is it for me. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Argh, I just noticed I accidentally deleted the A-Team 7 word while I was editing.

    Here it is: Can Bradley Cooper NOT be a prink?

  2. Thanks you for both the awesome award and the kind words.
    What a perfect award to be coming from you. The theme is perfect!
    I'm happy to say that I already follow all but 2 of the blogs you mentioned. A great group of folks!
    Again, thanks so much. It means a lot coming from you my friend....

  3. Thanks! I already follow a couple of those great blogs you mentioned, I am in the midst of clicking on the other links now (I shall have a weekend of reading, since the movies sound so intresting)

  4. Finally! A review of yours with some merit!

    Forget all those mean things I said about you over in the comments section of The Stupid Bet. I take it all back! What? What do you mean you hadn't seen them yet?

    Anyway, like babygirl, I've been slowly making my way through your regulars here at TN-R (it *is* where all the cool kids hang)I'll be sure to get to the rest this weekend.

    So where exactly is the delete button on wordpress comments? Just curious.

  5. Awwwwww TS! Thank you so much for the award and , best of all, it is NOT a rabbit! Thanks!

  6. I completely agree on the poor selection of movies! I haven't been very big into summer releases for a few years though, as it just seems to keep going downhill.

    I'll check out some of those blogs!

  7. TS, thanks for the shout out. That award looks so cool and after Pat's blog each day, yours is my next read. You and Pat were my first two followers and I very grateful for that.

  8. I'm kind of surprised, but the new Karate Kid has gotten good reviews from Ebert and Slate's Dana Stevens, who tend to be on pretty opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to taste. While it sounds like it isn't as good as the original, it is apparently a good movie to bring a kid to.

  9. TS Hendrick, I know in my heart you're right about the new Karate Kid movie, but being that I'm a total fool for any story where the tiny valiant underdog kicks the crap out of the sneering sadistic overlord...I've GOT to see it!

  10. :-( I wasn't mentioned. I guess I will have to work harder to be one of your favorites.

    Congrats to everyone else that he loves. I will be sulking in the corner.

  11. I love you PTM!

    (Shh...Sulking doesn't work... I had to pay him to list me, try that next time.)

  12. Powdered Toast Man, I usually try and hit ones that I didn't list on the last one. However I actually meant to include you, I stopped over by your site when I was commenting intending to set it up, but then I read your post and forgot.

    And Cotton, that reminds me, I still haven't received the payment.

  13. Can't wait to check these out :)

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

  14. Aah, thanks TS. Will you be my agent? (I'll have to come up with some sort of talent or project first. Let me get back to you on that one.) It's also relieving to see that I'm not in the red for a change. I like it!

  15. how sweet of you to mention me. love ya, kiddo!

    i'm at a loss for movies lately, nothing really catching my attention in our local theaters. saw splice last week. weird, but adrien brody is so ugly hot i had to check it out just for him :)

  16. You're the best! The absolute best. Also, Cal deserves two weeks in a row for his sheer prolificivity. And I deserve some kind of medal for making that word up.

  17. Loving the list of reads...thanks!

  18. I followed most of these blogs before, and I follow all of them now! Great choices TS!!!!


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