Saturday, June 19, 2010

Battle of the girly drinks: Semi Finals 2 of 2

It was neck and neck there for awhile, but in the end Long Island Iced Tea lives to fight another day. That is to say, this Tuesday in the final battle. But who who who will it be battling for the role of ultimate girly drink? There is only one way to find out. Let's see which of these two remaining semifinalists it'll be.

Sea Breeze
Sex on the Beach

Sea Breeze

The Non-Review: Tell us, what would winning this competition mean to you?
Sea Breeze: Well, it'd mean a lot more to my father who raised me. 
The Non-Review: Close to your father, are you?
Sea Breeze: Not really, he's kind of a jerk. He's just really obsessed with winning.
The Non-Review: So you don't care about winning then?
Sea Breeze: Oh, no, I do. My father is old and I'm hoping to be first in his will.
The Non-Review: Wow, that's... I don't know what the heck that is, but it's something.
Sea Breeze: I just try to be honest.

Sex on the Beach

The Non-Review: What would winning the competition mean to you?
SOTB: Self respect.
The Non-Review: You don't have any self respect?
SOTB: Have you seen my name? I used to be called Shirley. Back in the 70's I changed it.
The Non-Review: Shirley?
SOTB: Yes.
The Non-Review: OK... yeah, that's all I needed.

So who will it be? The end draweth nigher (not quite nigh yet). Voting ends Monday at 11:59 pm. Then on Tuesday (sing it with me) It's the final countdown. 


  1. I gotta with my boy Sea Breeze. That Shirley is just too willing to give her 'attentions' to the boys if you catch my drift. As my Baba would say - she been 'there and back'. I wouldn't touch that drink even if I did know where the straw had been.

  2. I've gotta vote for Sea Breeze too. I can relate to her much more than Sex on the Beach. Sadly.

  3. SOTB, cool acronym and tasty drink! But it will be slaughtered by the LIIT (interesting that when I drink long island iced teas I get lit, and the acronym is lit on steroids...)

  4. Sex on the beach please. I am voting for the actual sex not the drink. Ok, maybe I will vote for the drink too.

  5. Sea Breeze for me...

    As to the other one, well all that sand can get in places...

  6. OK I will go with Sea Breeze because it is Fathers Day and Dad was at least mentioned.

  7. Sea Breeze. The other one sounds a little slutty.

  8. when i turned 21 i always ordered sex on a beach, i think i liked sounding sexy or something stupid. i love orange juice and cranberry mixed! thing is, today i don't like to drink - i like it without vodka. lame i know.

    i will vote for sex just cuz.


  10. This might be the hardest decision yet. I'll go with Sex on the Beach. I might drink them but more importantly because girls like to get drunk off them. ;)


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