Monday, June 14, 2010

Commercial Observations:

Before I started The Non-Review I had a blog on wordpress where I reviewed commercials. I did it for a couple months before I decided to start this blog. I liked the idea, and still do of reviewing commercials, but haven't had the time while writing here. So I've decided to merge the two, sort of. I'm going to do the posts here, but mirror them on the other site too. 

Now on to more important matters.
I'm brilliant. 

At least I must assume I am. For years it seems, every time I speak something out loud in way of good idea, a short time later, I see that my idea is being done. It's something common in my family actually. My sisters used to suggest that there were spy satellites monitoring us for good ideas.

 Did You know I thought of Dexter first? I did. Came up with the idea two years before the first book came out. Another time, I was working on a book of my own when I came up with the idea of genetically modified puppies that would always stay young, then later I found out that Muse had written a song that was supposedly about just that. Never mind that Jeff Lindsay probably had Dexter already written by that point, even if it wasn't published. And if we're nitpicking, Muse technically wrote that song a couple years before I had the idea... blah blah blah. Moving on...

The latest is clearly my fault. Back in November I wrote about the group and suggested they should disband. Then a couple weeks ago I started seeing the commercial saying they were looking for a new band. Now, I'm not blaming them for stealing my idea, but I do think they could throw a little something my way. 

Just saying...


  1. I heard the "lead singer" is actually French Canadian and can't really speak English. Which is weird because it's all just lip synching. I mean, why couldn't they find some American guy to do it? What was so special about him?

  2. I hadn't heard that before. That's really interesting actually.

  3. TS you think just like me. I love it and I really believe you!

    Did you know that FTC created a commercial making fun of that ad campaign! I love it, I'll try to find it for you on YouTube.

    here it is!

  4. Dammit TS.. I have a post set to hit tomorrow about commercials. I doubt that you would review these products though. And I am not as talented in the writing department as you are,,but still,,dang it. And yes you are brilliant, thought that from day 1 of reading your posts!!!

  5. Hey Amber and TS - I heard, too, that the guys are Canadian, but I think I listened to an interview w/them speaking English...the "lead singer" was expressing that he lives a relatively normal life in Canada even post-commercial because they weren't played in Canada, and even his family is like "yeah, right, you were in a commercial - whatever". He only gets recognized in the US.

    I only like the one where he went to buy the car, and the early radio version was a lot funnier than the tv remix.

    Was that the question?

  6. Hey, better keep that idea for perpetual motion to yourself until you get yourself a good patent lawyer.

  7. And don't be spouting off about that idea you had for world peace! If you do, ask for some cash up front this time...

  8. I just hate it when people take credit for your ideas, that just aint right man.

    Sorry about starting that blog called my opinion talking about family and such I know you told me about it but I just had to give it a try and think I'll just stay with it, hope you don't mind since there was nothing in writing.

  9. Dexter is one of my favorite shows. Though this season – not so much. I bet if you were at the helm I would've stuck with it.

  10. Ally, I will have to check that out. Thanks for passing it along.

    Cottage, that one you mention was the best of the bunch.

    Joe & Pat, my idea for world peace involves perpetual motion! Oops...

    Jimmy, That's alright, this time... lol.

  11. I heard the same thing Amber heard. Those commercials drive me batshit crazy.

  12. the free credit guys blow. i absolutely can not watch them without wanting to hurt someone.

    so maybe you were inadvertently responsible for something good! :)

  13. I hate when you don't deliver on ideas then they appear somewhere without your assistance.

    I invented the toaster and bra in my past life.

  14. It just goes to show you that you have to be careful what youre posting on here, pretty soon Entertainment Tonight will be sharing their 7 Word Weekend Reviews


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