Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What cats are saying about Knight and Day

We once again polled four cats to find out their thoughts. This time we wanted to know what they thought about the new Tom Cruise film Knight and Day.

'Edgar Cat-sy'
"You want me to predict if it'll be good or not? Alright here goes: the film will *yawn* oh man... The film will *yawn* double score... It'll... zzzzzz.. zzz... zzz... good... (k)night..."

'Doctor Cuddles'
"Well, I was going to see it until I heard that Jeff was taking Becky to the film. Oh, I'm not jealous. If he wants to take that tart out he can do whatever he wants. God, I hate Becky."

'Smiley Joe'
"I don't know what to tell you. It hardly seems worth going to a film that will undoubtedly disappoint. I can't imagine the concessions would be any good either. For that matter the sky looks kind of stormy. Better off not to go out, ever.

"Bow to me!"


  1. Awww, I love these kitties. If you ever need another feline opinion, my Chawklit baby is always chatting up a storm. Just let me know.


  2. What happen to the other ones? That cat with the melon on his head was alright.

    And that last one seems to just repeat the same old 'bow to me' meme each time she is asked for an opinion. Perhaps she should work for Fox News and should not be doing reviews?

    Dr. Cuddles has been hurt badly by a girl that I suspect might be called Becky. You might want to look into that.

    Smiley Joe. His ennui is like music to me. Music and chocolate covered cherries. His gloom is the sunshine on my black roses.

    How bad must Ashton Kucher feel to do a movie with the also hated Katherine Hegel and have it just tank like a flushing toilet?

    What happen to all your twitter followers, bitch?

    Oh and Kathy? How is that 'leaving a popular show to be an actress thing' working out for you?

    I am renaming you Katherine David Caruso-Hegel from now on.

  3. You're asking cats what's on their mind? I can tell you what they are thinking:

    1. I'm tired
    2. I'm hungry
    3. Oh look, I want to play with that in a cute manner
    4. I have to go to the bathroom...right here will do

  4. I will see this movie as I like Tom Cruise and I don't care if he wigged out at Matt or jumped on Oprah's couch. Any questions???


  5. Look at you Chuck all tough and standing up for your beliefs like that. Good on ya mate!

    Oh and obvioulsy I was confused (I blame the medication) about which film you were talking about TS. 'KILLERS' is the Kutcher/Hegel disaster.

    'Knight and Day' is the Tom Cruise vehicle that I wish he would have done with his wife Katie Holmes. But then he would have had to let her out of the house for that.

    I just hope it's not another case where I only see Tom Cruise and not the character he plays. Usually it's a case of "Oh, there is Tom Cruise in Japan" or "There is Tom Cruise in Nazi Germany".

  6. I think I saw Karen last night in a nightmare.

  7. Something tells me Karen is a Scientologist. Cute post. I'm with Edgar. The thought of any Tom Cruise movie makes me yawn. But don't tell Chuck or Karen that. I'm scared of both of them.

  8. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at that last photo!!! Thanks for that!

  9. Hmm. I'm with Smiley Joe. Who needs to leave the house to watch a movie, when I can stay here in my pj's and read what cats have to say (sorta)about said movie? Not I.

  10. While Karen's point is certainly valid, Im going to have to side with Smiley on this one


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