Monday, July 5, 2010

The Best Movies You Probably Haven't Seen

Today's choice is one I keep expecting more people to have seen, but when I mention it I usually get a lot of blank stares. No, not like you're doing now, that's the 'get on with it, you twit' look, which is really not nice of you. But point taken, let's get on with it.

Now Showing:

2 Days
Two Days (2003)

Directed By:
Sean McGinly

Written by:
Sean McGinly (The Great Buck Howard),  Karl Wiedergott

Paul Rudd (Knocked Up, Role Models), Adam Scott (Step Brothers, Party Down), Karl Wiedergott (The Simpsons), Marguerite Moreau (Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Wet Hot American Summer), Donal Logue (Almost Heaven, Grounded for Life), Lourdes Benedicto (V, 24)

The Gist:
Paul Rudd plays a failed actor who sets his sights on leaving a lasting legacy. Intent on committing suicide, for two days a camera crew follows him around as he says his goodbyes to family and friends.

Why You Should Watch It:
The film is dark, but manages to balance the humor and drama excellently. The whole movie is one great character study of a man who was never quite able to make life work. Paul Rudd shows that he's capable of being more than the ironic comical relief (which to be fair is also something I always enjoy as he does it so well) we've seen so much of from him in the past few years. He delivers a performance that is just heart wrenching at times.

Why You Probably Haven't Seen It:
I don't believe it was ever released to theaters here in the states. It's an indie film with little exposure. Paul Rudd while being a well known name isn't a mega star, and when this came out he was still probably best known for his roles in Clueless and Friends.

Scene To Savor:
When he goes in for his audition. I'm not saying anymore than that.

The film is dark, so if you're not into watching that kind of movie, then it's not for you. Personally I found myself quickly sucked into this film. I checked Netflix and this time the movie is there.

Overall rating on a scale of missed gems: 4 out of 5


  1. i love dark comedies. i'll have to check this out.

  2. not sure if this will be my cup of tea but will add to my netflix que and see for myself.

  3. Got my next Netflix choice for the queue now. Thanks!!! Hey, how come Shrunken heads didn't deliver this news?

  4. This will probably be my cup of tea but I doubt my wife will be in the house when I watch it. Going on the queue!

  5. You need to do one of those graphs on Paul Rudd. Sometimes I love his stuff and other times I am totally bored by it. Will check this one outh though.

  6. Don't remember this one at all.

  7. I'm gonna check this one out...i've got a list now, thanks to you!

  8. I'll add it to the ever growing queue.

  9. Sounds great. Added to the Netflix queue.

  10. Nice ... and like nikki said, netflix has it - even better, it can be watched instantly!

    The next 90 min (or 2 hours? whatever) are set!

  11. just saw it on NetFlix. it's dark, and at times very, very intense and even scary, but that's a tribute to the acting. it feels so real.


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