Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Non-Interview: Pauly Shore

I recently had the opportunity to non-interview actor/comedian Pauly Shore.

The Non-Review: Which of your films do you feel has held up to the test of time?
Non-Pauly: I would have to say either Gladiator or Jaws. You probably didn't know this but I played one of the tigers in Gladiator. I was also the voice of the shark in Jaws. 

The Non-Review: Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser have had big careers that remained untarnished after working with you. How does their continued success make you feel?
Non-Pauly: Seeing how they are both cyborgs, it doesn't bother me that much. I hate the success of Tom Green the most.

The Non-Review: What's with the weasel noise?
Non-Pauly: My Great Grandmother was part weasel, it's genetic.

The Non-Review: Have you ever considered doing more dramatic acting like Shakespeare?
Non-Pauly: To eat pizza or to not eat pizza, that is the question.

The Non-Review: What do you blame the failure of minding the store on?
Non-Pauly: My Elementary School bus driver, she gave me some bad advice.

The Non-Review: Which of your movies would you most like to see either get a sequel or be remade?

Non-Pauly: I would like to see In the Army Now get a pre-prequel. That would blow peoples minds. It would be about me as a toddler thinking about joining the military but I can't since I'm a toddler so instead I poop myself. 

The Non-Review: Can you fit in a fridge?
Non-Pauly: That is a totally offensive and racist question but I will answer it anyway. No, I cannot, the veggie crisper always gets in my way.

The Non-Review: Marvel or DC?
Non-Pauly: I like the name Marvel for a girl. DC is more of a boy's name.

The Non-Review: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
Non-Pauly: I tried this once back on the set of Bio-Dome, I got to 3,042 licks then I passed out and woke up with a Blowpop in my mouth. To this day I don't know what happened to the Tootsie Pop

The Non-Review: Finally, what do you think of Powdered Toast Man from 'Just the Cheese'?
Non-Pauly: I hear he sleeps in woman's clothing. At least that's what the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bakers tell me.

Special thanks to Powdered Toast Man for playing the part of Non-Pauly-Shore. If you don't already follow his blog, it's a mix of humor, trivia, games and reviews. Just click HERE to visit his blog.

If you'd like to participate in a future Non-Interview feel free to drop me a line and we'll set it up.


  1. Your made up interview was more lucid and interesting than anything he has ever done. You should do all his press.

  2. Wait a minute! No current plans to do an update of Encino Man? I'm crushed.

  3. Just chillin' with the wea...sel!

  4. One of the most impressive things about this interview was the surprising news that Pauly Shore is still alive. I thought maybe a giant tootsie roll pop had licked him to death or something. Hopefully he'll get back into acting, because I'd love to see him play a ghost in a Harry Potter movie. I was also surprised to learn that he couldn't fit in a fridge. That shoots down my other theory as to where he's been all these years.

    He did forget to mention one other great movie he was in (besides Gladiator and Jaws). His performance in Apollo 13 might be his best work to date. Remember that oxygen leak on the spaceship? That was Pauly.

  5. Anyone who fits in a fridge is a racist. Haha. I saw the weasel at my college spring fest back in '91. He sucked.

  6. I saw this one movie of his where he was helping a college freshman adjust to dorm life or something. I liked it! Poor Pauly gets a bad rap. For me, I'll remember him for his role as the cheese loving dude in A Goofy Movie.

  7. I was wondering what he planned on doing about convenience store microwave burritos..Hot on the outside, frozen in the middle. I hear it's a real problem.

    I loved this,,, thanks for the laughs!!!

  8. Thanks for the Laughs amusing as always.

  9. Fabulously hilarious. You two are a great combination and should take it on the road.

  10. PTM you are super duper mcawesome! We looooved this Non-Interview. We especially enjoyed the notion of a pre-prequel to In the Army Now. Hilarious!

  11. Great interview questions and answers. I think it's Pauly Shore's best performance to date!

    What the hell kind of name is Pauly anyway?

    I am an ardent and dedicated folower of this blog and that of PTM also...

  12. I made a comment yesterday but I guess it didn't post somehow.

    Thanks for letting me guest post. It was a lot of fun.

  13. That isnt the first time a veggie crisper has come between Pauly Shore and his career


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