Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nature in the Lens: Nature Photographers

Nature Photographers: Kid Tested, Mother 
Nature Approved.

Possibly the most misunderstood animal, the wild nature photographer is a strange and unusual creature. The history  of which has been well documented to a time long before cameras.

The first known appearance of the nature photographer dates back to 356 BC when a savage and wild looking man appeared on the scene. He was covered in hair and bore a strange box on a string that hung around his neck. People thought him mad for his habit of hiding in bushes and waiting for animals to come by. They would have understood had he intended to kill and eat them, but this was not his way. Instead when an animal came close enough, he would leap out of the bushes yelling 'click, click, I'm a camera and your soul is mine!' Aristotle speaking about the man was quoted as saying 'In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous' though it is widely believed he was being sarcastic.

Through the years the nature photographer has been hunted mercilessly for its fine cameras and fancy hiking shoes. Though this has not kept it from getting close. Often it is found in our cities, in public libraries thumbing through back copies of National Geographic. Though once thought dangerous, more knowledge has come out in recent years supporting the theory of a peaceful nature.

  • The nature photog has a high tolerance for mosquito bites.
  • Despite old biased opinions, the nature photog does not drink it's own urine. Usually.
  • Though the two sexes often mate together, it more usual to see a nature photog mating with a non.
  • If baiting a trap for one, trail mix is the recommended treat.
  • Nature photogs are usually gentle, but be warned, if a camera is lying broken on the ground, it is not safe to approach. 
  • The nature photog has been known to shoot lasers. 
  • Not many have been filmed in it's natural habitat as it's oddly difficult to get their permission to take a picture. 

Yes, it truly is a beautiful and strange creature. Whether it's taking pictures or hiding in poison ivy, it is something to be respected. So the next time you're flipping through a wilderness magazine I hope you'll stop for just a moment and ponder the wonders of the nature photographer.

The photograph is used with the permission of the ever awesome Pat Tillet. All right belong to him.


  1. It's amazing the parallels between a Nature Photographer and Comic book nerd. Just saying.

  2. This blog post must be the reasoning behind my dream the other night.

    You see, I had this dream that my friend Joanne was eaten by an alligator while photographing nature.

    I really did. I even told her about it. She asked me what I did in the dream. I told her I grabbed my camera to take pictures of the alligator eating her.

    Her reply: GOOD GIRL! Keep clicking!

    (You know she's a real photographer at heart!)

  3. Can energy bars be substituted for trail mix in traps?

  4. nature photography just isn't natural...

    your post is though, and darn funny!

  5. You neglected to mention their love for the Sasquatch and assorted other field cryptids. They usally are so taken with the hairy females of those species that they forget to take pictures while having sex with their new woodland friends. This oversight keeps the mystery of the Big Foot's existence alive.

  6. You forgot the cousin of the nature photographer - Girl With Camera. Roughly 15 to 30 in age, Girl With Camera has just gotten said camera for Christmas or a birthday or an anniversary, and now, she simply must catalog every sunset, sunrise and weather event for the next five years of her life. (Note: A black and white photo of a sunrise or sunset is especially valued, and OHMYGOD SO ANGST.)

  7. Absolutely-- TRUE!

    Great stuff,


  8. As soon as I saw the picture I KNEW Pat's name was coming up in this one. Great and imaginative post...made me laugh!

  9. Pat is the best.

    Good to know the history, especially when it is as humorous as this.

  10. Great post I enjoyed it thoroughly , was very amusing and look forward to more like this one.

  11. This is a fabulous post, TS. Is that Pat in the picture? Perfect.

  12. I've tried approaching the nature photog but they are a lil jumpy and tend to scare easily.

  13. The Aristotle line surprised me and cracked me up.

    Awesome post per usual.

    (Apologies if this shows up twice - technical difficulties.)


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