Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday = Game Time

Questions and Answers: Would You Rather? II

Rules: I'll start the ball rolling by asking a question (i.e. would you rather do this or that) the first person to comment answers my question and then poses a question themselves. The next person to comment answers the one posed by the commenter before them, and then asks a would you rather question themselves. Thus we create a chain of funny and odd questions & answers.

Question: Would you rather try to drink a gallon of milk in an hour OR spend an hour with a naked Larry King in the sauna?


  1. This should be a no-brainer!

    Even though both would make me puke like no tomorrow, I'll take the milk. If you are stuck in the sauna with King, then you are stuck listening to him for a hour. Which can be entertaining sometimes but not under the stress of sauna steam. Hell I'd even drink a gallon of milk in a sauna within an hour if it means not seeing King's naked body either.

  2. Where's my question?

    If I had to choose, I'd take Larry naked. Something tells me that he'd shrivel out in a sauna in about 10 minutes, so then I'd be left to poke at his skinny bod with my toe and think my own thoughts. Sounds much better than milk bloat, IMO.

    Ok, I'll leave a question for the next commenter. Here goes:

    Would you rather bungee jump naked off the Empire State Building at high noon OR give yourself a very short haircut using child-safe scissors, without a mirror?

  3. Haircut.
    I've never bungee jumped, I've never been to the Empire State Building, and I've never been naked. (Showers are tricky.) So doing three new things at once is just too much for me. So hand me those scissors and don't look at me for at least a week.

    Alright, Would you rather spend an entire day tethered to a hyper kangaroo, or spend an entire day wearing a toga?

  4. No problem with this one. Togas are standard dress for me. Besides I don't like high places (unless I am that place).

    Would you rather lick the bottom of used shoe, or squash a large cockroach to mush with your bare hand?

  5. Oh Pat....I WOULD have to follow you!!!! GROSS!!!!!

    I'm gonna go with squashing the cucaracha with my bare hand, but only if I get to rub it's guts all over you for asking me that question! HA HA HA.

    Would you rather crap your pants in a public place, or have a stranger spit in your hair?

    (Blame Pat for the gross factor...he started it! HA HA HA)

  6. I'd go for the hair spit. Happens to me all the time anyway.

    Would you rather share a jail cell for 23 days with Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson?

  7. If I don't have to hug Larry King in that shower and I can put out my eyes with a spoon, I think I can handle that.

  8. I still think Lohan is hot and would be even hotter in a jail cell. Sorry Mel Gibson, you got your bum all oiled up for nothing, I'm saving my love for Lindsay.

    For the next person - would you rather fight Mike Tyson in his prime or fictional boxer Ivan Drago in his prime?

  9. I would totally duke it out with Tyson. I'd have to wear ear guards though.

    Next person: Would you rather hold a toad in your mouth for an hour or walk barefoot and blindfolded in a room full of mousetraps?

  10. I'd go for the milk and the toad in the mouth.

    Question: Would you bungee jump into glass or make love to a crocodile?

  11. Tough one... I choose the toad for an hour in my mouth but I would do it gently to one side. Would you rather sniff Amy Winehouse's butt for an hour straight (bareback) or give Richard Simmons an erotic massage for 20 minutes?

  12. yikes, both suck so i guess i'll go for the nude larry ha ha!

  13. I'm going off the reservation here and shove the toad up Amy Winehouse's butt AND force Richard Simmons to run around a room full of mousetraps blindfolded.

    Would you rather rub Icy Hot all over your crotch and go to the grocery store for an hour or smoke a pack of Camel straights in an hour?

  14. This is all pretty disturbing stuff...I am going to agree with Chuck's sentiments here.

  15. what about someone else rubbing icy hot on your crotch and then go to the grocery store for an hour.... AFTER MY SHOWER, b/c you didn't say we couldn't shower in between.... i can't smoke. never have, so i would have to say the icy hot.... although, i can't imagine that either....

    would you rather.... give your grandmother an enema, or give an old guy a spongebath?

  16. Prefer to give my grandma an enema, can't trust horny old men and their weird wiggles.

    Would you do a belly dance with a cobra on your shoulders or wear leopard print leotards again? ;))

  17. I can recommend the Comedy Death-Ray Radio podcast version of this game. Most of the humor there, though, comes from the contestants asking questions about the two choices before deciding which to pick.

  18. rekha, I love that you added 'again' at the end. That's a lovely extra sting. lol

    Joem, that sounds pretty funny. It's an amusing game. I do like playing it here like this though because of all the crazy questions people come up with.


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