Saturday, August 21, 2010

Battle of the Colors: Round 2

Do I hear the sound of weeping growing in the air? Alas, it is those few who stood by the color orange. Alright fine it's just me. But I had to vote for orange, it's my favorite color that's also a food. Anyone ever eaten blue? Not great, let me tell ya'. Nevertheless blue won without any effort. I guess people really like the sky or something. Don't blame me when it starts falling down on you.

Now to a fresh round so that I may get the bitter orange taste out of my mouth. And also because it's time and otherwise why are we here if not to vote on something meaningful? Sir, sir!? That was just a little joke, please sit back down. Here they are without further ado, your next combatants.

TNR: Why do you feel like you should win this competition.
Yellow: I'm bubbly, I'm happy, I'm energetic, and if you cross me I'll find out...
TNR: What was that last one?
Yellow: Which one, happy?
TNR: No, after that.
Yellow: I'm very energetic.
TNR: No, the last thing.
Yellow: There. Was. No. Last. Thing.
TNR: ...oh.

TNR: Why do you feel you should win this competition?
Green: She crossed the room and sat down in the chair. I knew right away she would be trouble.
TNR: ...Huh?
Green: Trouble, in my experience usually comes in blonde.
TNR: Oh, I see. Very clever. Cause your opponent is yellow.
Green: However it just so happens that I like trouble.
TNR: Okay, you've lost me again. You're saying we should vote for yellow?
Green: As if on cue, the waterworks started. I reached into my pocket and handed her the handkerchief I pulled out. When she was done, she started talking.
TNR: See, now I don't even care about the battle, I just want to know what this is about.
Green: Five minutes later she was gone and I was ingesting the first of three boxes of girl scout cookies.
TNR: [slapping forehead] Thank you for your time.

So there you are, two colors enter, one color exits, only less dramatically than that. Who will you vote for? Rep will be covering the next battle on Tuesday so all votes should be in by Monday night. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an idea I that think will make Rep's car go faster. I don't want to give anything away but, it's bananas.


  1. Hard to decide.
    Yellow is a bright, up-lifting color.
    Green is very nice and calming.
    The problem is...I base these decisions on car colors...and unfortunately, green and yellow cars are usually not cool...

  2. Isn't green the bastard child of yellow and that gigolo blue?
    Green for me...

  3. Kermit says it's not easy being green - but green gets my vote.

  4. Yes, I am going to vote for green too! Just don't read into that too much. It is NOT an endorsement for wearing bamboo fibre underwear, eating nothing but raw food or ditching your car in favor of roller skates made from recycled iPods. - G

  5. Simple choice is the color of money, I like money. Yellow is slang for cowardly, don't like that so much. The end.

  6. Green is nature, green is freshness, green is the colour of spring. Green is big, like an ocean, and important, like a mountain, and tall like a tree.

    Yellow is the colour of the sun, which can't be forgotten, which contains every other colour in its light (technically that's white, but clearly the sun is yellow, so what's going on there?).

    But I pick green.

  7. Yellow. It's such a great color that dominates the universe (compared to green) and goes with almost anything. It's primary and when placed beside black, has been proven to be the most eye-catching of any color pairings. (Why do you think so many road signs use them?) But I'm starting to think that I know a bit too much about yellow for a healthy person, so I'll stop before I start going off about it being the center of rainbows and such.

  8. GuanoLad, why do you test me like this? I try to hide my nerdiness as best as I can, but then you go and say that the sun is yellow, and my brain starts banging on my skull. I'll suppress my brain as best as I can, and simply point out that if the sun's light was yellow, then clouds and snow would look yellow, but your confusion is completely understandable.

    Sorry TS. My nerdiness just spills out on your blog sometimes.

  9. No, no, no yellow. Do not like it at all, well most of the time. Green is the winner for sure. Everything goes with green.

  10. there are yellow people but not green people, except when white people have overdone it. therefore i must go with yellow.

  11. I have to go with yellow just to cancel out Alaina's vote. Besides, my living room is painted in Sherwin Williams BLONDE! (it's got green accents too, kind of like my hair used to get in the summer when I was young).

    I'm bummed I missed the orange blue battle. Complete opposites. My hubby's favorite team (Denver Bronco's) and my jr. high school colors.

  12. Yellow's gaining a bit of speed, so I'm adding my yellow vote. I like to vote for the losing team. It keeps me humble.
    Hey, are there any stale donuts in this color Battle? I miss those.

  13. Green, green, green...

    Does anyone else have those radon PSAs playing in their market? I can't get that jingle out of my head.

  14. Being the capitalist I am, I must go with the green and keep it in offshore bank accounts.

  15. I loved the green interview, very provocative. SO for that reason I am voting for green.

    Yellow gives me herpes.

  16. yellow is the color under my tongue when I kiss the wrong kind of girls and yellow fruit burns where the wrong kind of girls touch me.

    green makes me want to go dance and prance in the fields like a nekkid boy from the cherry farm.

    so i go with green.

    I hope this isn't one of these color contest where crimson and teal and chatruse and burnt almond are automatically eliminated because they are not your so called 'elitest' PRIMARY COLORS - if it is I want no part of you limited palette ya coloracist.

  17. Well, as some wise guy said, Yellow and Black make up my favourite cartoon character- Garfield...But all said and done, I look better in Green, Yellow makes me look washed out...Besides A veggie like me has no choice but to "GO GREEN". ;P

  18. I have to choose green based solely on the confusing interview. I loved every line of it.

  19. Gonna go with yellow, cuz....even though I generally throw out the bag of sour kids candy with all the yellows and greens left in it uneaten....if I HAD to eat one or the other, it would be yellow.

  20. 1,000 times yellow. Yellow is greater...hell the color has a song named after it.

  21. Theres no mistaking green as the ultimate champion here, if it werent for green, yellow would have no reason to exist!


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