Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Notes from the underground Vol. 2

Yesterday I got a lovely note in response to my last post (which if you didn't read you can jump to HERE) from the one and only Cotton Blossom. I found it endlessly amusing and asked her if she minded me posting it here which she did not. So here it is:

Dear Jiminy Cricket,

I just got back from taking my kids to the pool and thought I would run into a little gas station to get them a snack... BUT I COULDN'T DO IT. I just kept picturing you shaking your head at me. You see, I'm generally a modest person, Cow and I were married 5 years before he ever saw me in shorts... but there is only so much clothing you can wear to the pool. So with today's TNR post ringing in my ears I pulled into the gas station but couldn't make myself get out of the car wearing my (one piece) suit and shorts. That's right, instead of going in and picking up the children something to fill their empty bellies, I backed out of my spot and headed home.
My kids were like "WHAT THE ???"

No, Not really... they're good kids, so I was sure to tell them exactly who they could point their chubby little fingers at. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them.

Thanks a lot,

What can I say? You try and make a difference in this world but you don't always see it happening. Mind you this wasn't what I had in mind, but hey, who am I to argue results?


  1. The post was great and her comment was great!

    Your post crossed over the delicate line between blog post and public service announcement.

  2. Woman you need to look in that mirror of yours and listen to your husband when he tells you how pretty you are. Be proud and get out of that damn car in whatever you have on!

  3. Pat, I try to walk that line but sometimes you gotta go all out. lol

    Alaina, you should have added a Z-Snap.

  4. Ha ha! Great stuff. Your heart is is in the right place.

  5. Why does the thought of my beloved Cotton Blossom stressing over your words and her hillbilly outfit fill me with unimaginable glee? You surely have reached the big time my friend. Remember the little people as you climb that ladder of fame. I expect to see you passed out in a bush with Lindsay some time in the near future.

  6. They make a Z when they snap? I am learning all kind of things today like that nonesense phrase the Beatles spout on the song ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

    Jai Garu Deva Om

  7. You love me Kal? I knew it! It's just like my teachers always said, "The boys that tackle you on recess and give you a knuckle sandwich are the ones that like you".

    Write now I'm wearing a muumuu, Alaina.

  8. Blossom, most men, I can not say ALL, but most are like bulls, they need to be led around by the ring through their nose and told what to do and to say. You have to come right out and be frank about what you want from them and I do me literaly. If you want flowers once in a while do not expect MOST men to know this, you have to say bring me flowers! So I am guessing when you ASK your husband if he thinks you are pretty he probably says, of course I do, did I just say so. So yes dear your husband does think you are pretty, oh and so do the rest of us, when you have your goggles off of course.

  9. Alaina, if they can't read your mind it doesn't count.

    Now that I've been published on your blog... I DEMAND equal billing to that Reputation@stake hack.

  10. Kal, That's funny coming from you. You get a thousand more hits a week than anyone else.

    Cotton, Rep posts relatively regularly here. If you want "equal billing" you'd have to write more. But hey, I see your Kal's "beloved" that's like a badge of honor.

  11. TS -

    Thanks for the laugh. It wouldn't be nearly as funny if it weren't so true. I live on the shore -- the NJ shore -- invaded by NY Trolls and PA Holes like Snookie and The Situation [If he was from NJ he'd be calling himself The Confrontation] that think locals do everything in bathing suits -- grocery shopping, eating out, church! Now keep in mind that Snookie and The Situation are the 'lookers' (cough cough) that could land a TV show. Just imagine how bad the others look.

    The Cotton Ball - Don't blame TS for not going into the convenience store when you know the real reason is you were just too damn hot and tired to get out of the car. You were spotted at a drive through moments later!

    I'll be back ... carry on.


  12. I think there are photos to prove it. Ok so when did this turn into the place to be. Sorry TS, it looks like the chit chat came over here.

  13. Deborah, You called it. You totally called it. Our town has one drive-thru and I hit it up.

    I felt leaving that part out sounded better though... thanks for nothin.

  14. TS,this is quite a chatroom you've started...makes me realize after I comment I rarely go back to see if there is more to the story.

    It is quite impressive the influence you have with your posts.

  15. Write now??? Write now??? I actually wrote 'write now'.

    I QUIT!!!

  16. Fairfield, that sounds pretty bad. lol

    Alaina, I encourage the chitting and the chatting.

    Chuck, I used to try to make it more active all around, I've just been so busy. But I love when conversations start building. It's fun.

    Cotton, quitter. lol

  17. The Cotton Ball,

    I noticed the write now and thought it was a play on words [yea, that's the ticket.] and in the event it wasn't I purposely tapped out drive-through so they wouldn't notice your mistake.



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