Saturday, September 4, 2010

Battle of the Colors: Round 6

That was quite an interesting last battle. There were many strong arguments for Grey or Gray (that's a debate that's never really been settled. How about a compromise? Let's call it Greigh) and even some attempted cheating. Rep tried to sway the votes as well as voting under the ever so clever guise of 'Not Reputation@Stake.' A couple of you tried to vote twice. I myself was lobbying for Greigh but alas, you Purple people (not purple people eaters, you'd be the people a purple people eater eats) came out in force. Fear not though Greigh. For every rainy day I will think of you and remember what could have been... (dramatic ain't it?). On to the next round!

White: A Poem

White is pure and so refined
Snow and soft cascading light
So vote for white and don't be mean
By voting for that &@$%@^* Green

Green: A Poem

Why White?
We used to be such friends.
Was the grass just that much more me,
On the other side of the fence?

Tuesday Rep will have to pick up the pieces of what I'm sure will be an ugly battle. Though I could be wrong and it could be the nicest one to date. They are lovely colors and really mix well. Actually, I suppose it's more likely to be a pretty battle. In that case Rep will pick up the pieces of a lovely battle Tuesday, when the war wages on. 


  1. GREEN!
    White sucks. Okay, it may not actually suck, but I'm a messy eater and white always "outs" my every little spill and dribble.

  2. White is the presence of all colors - but still gotta go with green.

  3. Have to go with green. Here is why:
    1- The color of money.
    2-Haters get "green with envy" so stop hating.
    3- Incredible Hulk - what color does he turn when he's "upset". That's right green!
    4- If you are good with plants what do you have? A green thumb Booya!
    5-Mean Joe Green
    6- Going green is good for the environment.

    What do people say when someone gets scared like after watching a ghost?
    "he's white as a ghost" Weak.
    Is there any question. It's green baby.

  4. As much as I like the freshness of spring, green is not one of my favourite colours, whereas white has always had a special place in my life. As an artist, a new blank sheet of paper to draw on has the potential to become anything I want. You can't beat that.

    I choose white.

  5. Whew! This time I get to submit a vote without cheating. For some reason it's not quite as fun, so I may have to submit one or two more votes, and hope TS isn't looking too closely.

    But right now, for my first vote, I vote white.

  6. You peeps have it wrong..White is not a color at all. It's the absence of color. Black is the presence of all colors.
    It's not easy being green, and I'm highly jealous of all rich people. Logically, then, green gets my vote.

  7. Green~

    white is wayyyy to hard to keep clean

  8. WHITE!!!!!!! I hate green candy!

  9. I don't like the name greigh, can we change it to GR-Y? or with that symbol with the A and the E mixed together?

    Let's see I like marshmallow fluff but I also enjoy boogers.

    I choose green, for my own reasons.

  10. EEuuu, cadavers are green...mold is furry green...pre-tornado skies are green...but angels are in white flowy garments, and Rhett Butler in his white plantation suit. Has to be white!

  11. White couldnt even exist without green, so BAM, have some of that, white!

  12. GREEN...Can't I go for a colour without having to explain why?? Fine green on Indian Flag represents the region I come from... Besides I love The Phrase GREEN WITH ENVY.... Sorry T.S.H, My grey cells have gone away for their monthly overhauling and oiling...You have to make do with this...


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