Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Cats Are Saying About The Social Network

'Sir Reginald Plumperdink'
"Actually, I think it looks like a rather interesting film. What, you expected me to say something about food didn't you? I'm more than some one note joke. Though I am hungry."

'Double Oh Kitten'
"I love Facebook. It's a useful tool for finding my latest contrac- er, old friends from high school."

'The Duchess Gary Cooper'
"Movie looks great. I use Facebook all the time to talk to friends and play games. You can friend me if you like. Here's my Facebook profile: Gary Cooper 

"I lost my tail again."


  1. Three out of four cats agree! (The last one seems iffy.)

  2. Niiiice.


    I, confess, (not to liking cats) but my curiosity is more than a little piqued at this movie.

  3. Poor Gary. His relationship status is "It's complicated." I know how that is. I imagine Sir Reginald is right, since I'm always hungry too. Oh, and the movie is probably informative.

  4. hmmm, i think shrunken heads might have some competition. Especially from that Melvin.

  5. how did that cat create a facebook profile?

  6. oh my goodness that cat is so fat!!!! haha

  7. Can one of you cats please explain to me why I barely use facebook, and yet I really really want to see this movie? I'm particularly interested in Double-Oh-Kitten's opinion, but any cat will do.

  8. Robyn, Gary is the reincarnation of Gary Cooper in a female cats body. That'll put a strain on any relationship.

    PTM, That's nothing, she also moderates a page devoted to cat reviewers.

    Rep, The word from 'Double Oh' (we're on a first two names basis) is that because it's all about watching how twisted and manipulative the man behind the curtain is. Also he left you a dead mouse on your shoe but you have not acknowledged it.

  9. now I'm compelled to stalk Gary Cooper, wonder if he'll add me?

  10. The double o kitty picture still just makes me happy.

  11. Baygirl, I have it on good authority that Gary will accept anyone who wants to friend her.

  12. oops. I got distracted by Gary Cooper and failed to comment regarding this post.

  13. Cotton, Coop just has that effect on people. lol

  14. I am not into the movie "Facebook"...sounds like some mumbo jumbo like "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"...prefer some James Bond styled "Twitter - 140 down" humble opinion : Facebook is like the French Butler who looks at you as he would a worm, Twitter is like your French Cafe - free flow of people & words. ;)

  15. that darn Melvin is so deep...

    once again, loved 'em!

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