Friday, October 1, 2010

7 Word Weekend Movie Review: The Social Network, Renee Zellweger and other bad jokes

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Case 39 - Renee Zellweger is scaring the children again.

Cash Crop (limited) - I got high just reading the summary.

Chain Letter (limited) - Whatever you do, don't pass this on.

Hatchet II (limited) - I always say, who needs the MPAA?

Let Me In - Well... only if you're the right one.

The Social Network -   "Like" it or else... (Get it? Sorry...) 

AMC theaters have long had a policy against showing unrated films. With the limited release of Hatchet II they've decided to break with the policy. Interesting choice really considering some fantastic films that have fallen to the wayside thanks to that rule. Which is not to knock Hatchet II, just that I think it's an odd place to start a change. Course with the screwy (and often backhanded ) way the MPAA rates movies it's a change that seems deserved. Mind you I'm not really interested in seeing the movie, but it's a good precedent for AMC.

Course there are other options for horror this weekend. Also in limited release is Chain Letter, a movie about a serial killer who murders those who don't forward his chain letter. It sounds bad and looks worse but who knows. Of course the remake of Let the Right One In is out as well. Questions and doubts about whether or not the American version can stand up to the beautiful and haunting original will either be put to rest or confirmed. Regardless of how it turns out I plan on seeing Let Me In, if for no other reason than I did love the original that much.

I had a short discussion with Ally a couple weeks back about Case 39. The film has been bouncing around for a little over a year now. It's received a theatrical release in just about every other country in the world it seems. The automatic assumption is that it's not a good film, which could be. Often if a studio has no faith in a film for one reason or another, they'll release it elsewhere in the world to test the waters. But that's not always the case. Many times an indie film won't be able to find a distributor here in the states whereas they find one overseas. It's pretty safe to say it's not the latter and it does have Renee Zellweger in it and that's never a good sign. It is quite possible that one day she's going to squint her way into oblivion. Don't ask me how, it'll just happen.

I think it's worth noting that there's a film getting a very limited release this week titled Douchebag. I just thought you'd want to know.

Speaking of which...

Facebook the movie or The Social Network, as it ended up being titled, is out. I'll have to put away for the moment my dream storyline of Tom from Myspace fighting Mark Zuckerberg in a free for all. Myspace has been dead so long that that's really more of a non-joke. Nothing but the best for you fine people. I should have said Zuckerberg battling a small blue bird. Oh well, lessons learned. It really looks like an interesting film. Jesse Eisenberg (the good Eisenberg sibling, suck it Haley) is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors (though that endearment is usually fleeting). Plus Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher handling the behind the scenes stuff... very promising indeed.

That's it for me this week. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Out of the 7 I'm mostly interested in Social Network. Though I appreciate the distribution lesson. I had no idea the film industry did stuff like that. I learn something new everyday...thanks to you.

  2. Funny, I watched Case 39 quite a while ago. It started quite good for me, until creepy emo little twat comes up kicking and screaming.. :\

    I'm also interested in The Social Network. Promising...

  3. let me know about Let Me In. Will Hit girl ever get a nonviolent role ever again?

  4. You Tennessee boys are way to hard on Renee. Chill out TS! Chill out Kenny! What did Ms. Zellweger ever do to you?

    ...Oh, Kenny. I'm so sorry. Yes, yes... that *is* bad.

    Well, TS?

  5. Cotton, But I'm not a "Tennessee boy" I just live in TN currently. Also my sister used to refer to Renee as "The Bat-Faced Girl" so I think I was being kind. Other than Bridget Jones Diary, she's never been a particularly good actress.

  6. Man, I doubt if any of us on this far corner of the planet will ever hear or see these movies ...thanks for enlightening us "T.S.H - The Guru".
    We bow to thy lotus feet and please grant us "Nirvana". ;D

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Still laughing at your comment about Renee "squinting".....sorry!!! LIKE IT!! HA HA

  9. You'll have to let us know what you thought of Let Me In.

  10. I have a baaad feeling that AMC is going to be sorely disappointed with their choice.. Cant see anyone going to see this really. Count me in for the DVD release..

  11. I'll probably not be watching any of them. Okay, maybe "cash crop."

  12. Yeah, Renee is pretty annoying. I'll want to know your take on Social Network, assuming you're hitting the theatre for that one.
    Have a good weekend, TS.

  13. they all fall into my rental category...

  14. I keep searching for the "like" button on this post.

  15. haha, this makes me laugh, as per usual.

    you're a cleaver man indeed.

  16. How come Tom didn't get his own movie? He must be crying into his inflatable doll.

  17. i love your thoughts on "social network". that's gold.
    my husband & i are totally not okay with matt "my mommy & daddy pay for everything so i can pretend to be an artist" reeves redoing let the right one in. however, i know my husband wants to see let me in because it's like a car accident (you can't look away)... so we'll see, i guess.

  18. Case 39 and Social Network are on my list...get that Douchebag movie a little wider release...can't find it anywhere in Dallas, heh heh heh.

  19. I love social network. He has already done and no one knows what changes the next Facebook. Of course, we all know. Just check Facebook.


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