Thursday, April 7, 2011

7 Word Weekend Movie Review: Your Highness, Arthur, and a brief pause from the A to Z challenge

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Arthur - A lot like Dudley, but much Moore.

Born to Be Wild (IMAX) - Included simply because I like baby elephants.

Ceremony (limited) - I'll watch it just for Lee Pace.

Hanna - If it sucks, I blame Saoirse Ronan.

Soul Surfer - Sharks... Surfing... True story... Alright, I'll bite.

Your Highness - I don't see how this could suck.

I'm going to keep it short this week as I'm still doing the A to Z challenge.

It's going to come down to Arthur vs Your Highness this weekend. In the case of Arthur, I really have no loyalty to the original or the sequel. I never really liked Dudley Moore. I guess I agree with my brother to an extent when he said to me the other day, 'at last a remake that makes sense'. There is certainly room for improvement on the original. My problem is that while I don't dislike Russel Brand, I've gotten a bit tired of his shtick lately. I still think he can be completely on in the right role, I just need a breather from him.

Your Highness on the other hand should be hilarious. James Franco may have sucked at the Oscars, but when it comes to doing comedic roles, he's one of my favorites. So is Danny McBride, who brings a lot to every movie he's in. Of course, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel don't hurt things either. It looks like it should be a great fantasy comedy. Between the two, it's my choice for the week.

I meant to mention this when it was actually a story a couple weeks back, (nothing but the best in stale news for you fine people) but kept forgetting. Despite the way things played out for the last Narnia film stateside, it looks like they're interested in making another. However the idea would be to sort of reboot the franchise in a way. Instead of continuing on with the next in the series (The Silver Chair) they want to skip to The Magician's Nephew. As it's chronologically the first story, it would allow them to basically start over and try again.

It's my favorite book in the series and naturally I'm a little biased in thinking it's a great idea. But it really does make a lot of sense. Start fresh, hit up a new angle, relaunch with a new batch of kids. I have enjoyed the Narnia movies, for the fact that it's Narnia, however I've also said from the start that I thought they were too glossy. Underneath the Christian analogies, Narnia is a world dripping with grimy characters and fantastical beasts, it shouldn't feel like a fashion mag on film. I hope if they do go through with it, they get a real director, and some writers who won't be afraid to tarnish the original canon a little.

 I said I would try to keep it short. Even still it ran on a little longer than I planned.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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