Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is For: Food

We once again decided to poll some cats to get their opinions. This time we wanted to know what they thought of food.

'Sir Reginald Plumperdink'
"Gasp! are you serious?! At last a subject that I feel passionate about. I'm not sure where to start, I just have so much I'd like to say on the subject. For start-"

'Mrs. Kisses'
"Thanks for shutting up that loud mouth. What were you thinking asking tub-o-cat what it thought about-" "Sorry, this Plumperdink again. You cut me off before and I wasn't done. I really love food. There's just something magic- wait, what are you doing with that cat carrier? I don't want to go in there! I will not be silen-"

'The Duchess Gary Cooper'
"Are you kidding me? It's. Food. Not even worth discussing. Now leave me so I can ponder something more interesting, like why I tolerate you people."

"Mom says no dinner till I behave. I'm hungry."

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