Tuesday, April 5, 2011

E is for: Everything - A Review

Everything started out fine -the way one might expect, but inevitably it all changed. Anytime you're dealing with a major blockbuster, there's a bit of trepidation that it will in no way live up to the hype. I largely found this to be the case with everything. Oh, sure everything was great in places, there was just something lacking.

To start, everything was not in its place when there was clearly a place for everything. There seemed to a lack of general direction as everything seemed to be pretty random. Almost like someone started driving a car and then took their hands off the wheel. In fact, I would liken everything to a car that's perpetually crashing.

Before you start to think that everything was bad, I should stop for a minute to focus on some of the positives. I quite liked several of the people involved. The production quality was amazing - the lighting in particular, incredible. The humor was liberally spread around, though clearly it was often unplanned. It managed to cover well all the themes; love, betrayal, mercy, hate, anger, drama, tears, whimsy, etc. I did wish some different paths had been taken, but as is the case with everything, one must take the good with the bad.

Overall, everything was interesting but definitely not for everyone. I would like to see a much stripped down version instead. Perhaps... 'somethings'? I'm just spit balling here. What's surprising about everything is that it often lets you down on some of the smaller things. There are quite a few things I felt were missing. In the end I have to say that everything just wasn't enough.

Despite the hype, it's just not everything it's cracked up to be

3 out of 5

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