Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is For: Questions

Everyone has a list of unanswered questions. I thought I would make out a list of some of mine and periodically post them in the hopes of getting some answers.

1) We're on a planet that's constantly moving through space. Direction is relative. So if I look at the sky, how do I know I'm looking up?

2) There are catalogs devoted to different kinds of cheese. What exactly are the qualifications for taking pictures of cheese? Do you have to have years of prior foodtography? Are there levels of expertise? That is to say, to work in cheese should you have paid your dues in the unflattering world of tomatoes?

3) Where are my shoes?

4) Why are animals cuter the smaller they are? Elephants are cool animals. Majestic and bold creatures. But if I had a palm sized one, it would be the cutest thing ever. And I'm pretty sure if you took a penguin and blew it up to the size of a whale, it just wouldn't be that adorable anymore. Why is small cute?


  1. Those are good questions to ask.

  2. 1. Because your parents told you it was.
    2. Yes, definitely have to pay your dues in the tomato industry.
    3. Under your bed.
    4. I don't know. (LOL)
    Anything else you need to know??!!

  3. There are a lot of cheese snobs out there. I know because I have had them look down at me when I buy a simple sharp chedder when they are hording the gouda. I hope their intestines get blocked for the better part of the week. Then I can shop for my cheese in peace. Good luck finding any issues of 'Cheese Lovers Weekly' on the shelves. You either subscribe by mail or you go without. It's such a hassle.

  4. 1. Because in relation to the ground, which is down, the sky is up.

    2. Anyone can take pictures of cheese, some people are just better at it.

    3. Providing your standing with your feet on the ground, look in the opposite direction of the sky. See? Your shoes are on your feet.

    4.Some large things are cute, but would be cuter if they were small. Like panda bears. Why? I suppose the evolution of the meaning of the word "cute" has something to do with its Ancient Mayan origin and more so, the severe crapping of one's own pantaloons.

    ...didn't see that coming, did you?

  5. The stars we see burnt down long doesn't matter up or down...the shoe is being chewed by your neighbour's dog as I type..Cheese boy will have the answer to that one...homosapiens are not meant to see the bigger picture... ;D...btw why did your disqus delete my comment on yesterday post..its done it 3 times already.... :[

  6. Disqus has been screwing up for a lot of people. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on.
    I might ditch it, but I don't know how to export the comments back to blogger so I would lose a couple week's worth if I do.

  7. your shoes might be partying with mine! haven't seen them all day

  8. Oh, I never thought of it that way - but you're right, small is cute!!! My dog is a shih-tzu and weighs all of ten pounds. He's SUPER CUTE. He doesn't yap and he doesn't bite, so he's the perfect dog....that is, until he finds my daughter's underwear lying around. Then he's not so cute as he can be quite the underwear shredder.

  9. Lol! i ask myself the same question all the time--about the shoes i mean.

  10. Believe it or not I deal with #2 every day. I could actually give you a very detailed answer if you don't mind being put to sleep.

  11. I'll answer your question number 3 with another question - what are they worth to you?

    The Bandito

  12. 1. You can't know, not for sure. Science is like all other religions; you just have to take it on faith that the sky is up.
    2. There are even different levels of cheesy photography. The novice begins with Polly-O and Cheese Whiz, then moves up to old standbys like American and Cheddar, and only then is given the chance to capture Swiss or one of the softer, stinkier cheeses.
    3. I have them. I was told to walk a mile in another man's shoes, and yours were handy. If you want them, I'm a mile due east. (By the way, I stepped in something quite foul about halfway here. Sorry.)
    4. Small is cute because of geometry; you'll only find small angles on acute triangle. And ooh, I want a teacup shark. (Or a kitten the size of an RV.)

  13. They are cute so you will "rescue" them. that's all I know...

  14. I would love to answer all of your questions (and submit some of my own) but seeing as how I'm so far behind on catching up on my blog reading, I'll have to leave you hanging for now...


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