Friday, July 29, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love, Smurfs, and Cowboys & Aliens & aliens: Weekend Review

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Life in a Day - Proposed sequel: Death in about 70 years.

Attack the Block (limited) - If there's any justice it'll play nearby.

Cowboys & Aliens - Yeah, that's how I like my westerns. 

Crazy, Stupid, Love - I will so watch it... On DVD.

The Smurfs - Just wish they'd released it with Transformers.

Breaking: Studies indicate you don't have to smoke to be cool, but you will have to jump off of a bridge.

I love odd and quirky documentaries. Life in a Day is a documentary that takes videos from people all over the world from the same day and pieces it together to give you a representation of a single day on earth. Put together by award winning director Kevin MacDonald, it's guaranteed to be at the very least, interesting. Certainly worth a watch. Not theaters, mind you, but definitely later.

For me the weakest release this week, not in terms of quality, but interest in seeing it in theater is Crazy, Stupid, Love. I love the principle players, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone (totally skipping over Julianne Moore, one of the big detractors for me). Course it's written by Dan Fogleman who's responsible for the abomination that is Fred Clause. On the other hand he also wrote Tangled. It'll be interesting at the very least to see what he can do when he's not writing for kids. Still interested, but I'll wait for home release.

I fully admit, without any irony, that I want to see The Smurfs. Usually I can't stand the idea of watching CGI live action films. Worse yet when it's some old cartoon being paraded about. Rocky and Bullwinkle, Yogi Bear, Garfield... the list goes on of horrible modern attempts. But I feel drawn to watch the Smurfs movie. Maybe it's just the list of stars who are in it, but it looks like fun to me. And seriously, how awesome would it be to have a double feature at the drive-in of Smurfs and Transformers? Ultimately though, Smurfs is a kids movie, and I'm a mature adult, so I should look for a more age appropriate subject.


Cowboys & Aliens is the ultimate kids mashup isn't it? I've always been drawn to genre blending myself and a western alien flick seems right up my alley. I've heard some early negative word on it. 'Boring', is a word that's been thrown around. I've also heard the script is bad. But it doesn't matter to me. This is one that I'll fully expect to love, right up to the point where it either validates my enthusiasm or disappoints. Though if I'm being honest, much as I love the concept and feel properly hyped, this isn't the alien movie I most want to see this weekend.

It had me at Nick Frost and it kept me with London's inner city fighting off aliens. Rather than run through this one, take a look at the trailer:

It's only playing limited, so I have to hope it's playing in my area. It has a lot of good buzz around it and I fully expect it to be a fun movie.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. With smurfs, I would really just prefer to sit at home and watch reruns of the cartoon. or in 7 words, I would rather watch the cartoon show.

  2. I have no desire to see any of those movies.

  3. Attack the Block looks terrific because of the humor, and I like that the alien has fur. You don't see that every day!
    Life in a Day sounds fantastic.

  4. Seeing Cowboys and Aliens tonight! Doubt Attack of the Block will come anywhere near here either.

  5. Yeah I think I'll watch Crazy, Stupid, Love on dvd because I like Carrell, but despite the so-so reviews I'm still curious to see Cowboys & Aliens on the big screen.

  6. I think I may be the only person in the entire world who is looking forward to The Smurfs. It's little blue people, and Neil Patrick Harris, and Joan Rivers and little blue people with hats. What's not to love?

  7. Someone ate my first comment! Argh.

    I will not be seeing the Smurfs. It took years to get that theme song out of my head....therapy was intense.

    Totally with you on Cowboys & Aliens, even if the script is awful, it looks like a fun romp.

  8. I plan to see Cowboys and Aliens hopefully tonight since I farmed out all my kids to their grandparents. I want to see Attack on the Block but doubt it is out anywhere near here. I love British humor!

  9. I definitely want to see Crazy Stupid Love, too...but will also wait until it comes out in DVD (because you know my distaste for seeing anything in a movie theater unless it can't be Cowboys & Aliens sounds interesting, despite the negative reviews. I love Harrison Ford.

  10. I like your proposed sequel to Life in a Day. And there's something endearing about the Smurfs. I don't think I need the Smurf-Terminator combo.

  11. Nothing here to pique my interest...and better pander to the inner child now and then...he may just rebel and leave u old and wrinkled one fine day.
    and pray what's interesting about mundane activities of nameless boring characters that could be any of us.

  12. I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love on Sunday and it was actually really good. Good movie to take the significant other to. Funny and had some surprises. Attack the Block looks pretty cool.

  13. Smurfs will be bad...Really really bad. I definitely want to see Cowboys and Aliens, but only if I have a 6-pack by my side.

  14. I REALLY want (and need) to see Cowboys and Aliens. I wouldn't watch the smurf movie for money. It's the PERFECT example of a movie being made for one reason and one reason only. TO SELL STUPID SMURF STUFF IN STORES...


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