Friday, September 2, 2011

Classic Art Review

M.C. Escher

True story, I got lost there once for five hours. Finally figured out the pattern was bottom, top, middle.

Pablo Picasso

A quiet night on Tatooine. Buddy, George Lucas ripped you off. I'd also like to point out that Picasso's name always made me think of Pace Picante. Picasso and salsa, let's make this happen marketing people.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

I like this one because none of them seem to be pointing at the same thing. Meanwhile the guy in the middle is clearly talking about the size of his fish. Also, with a name like that, I see why people just called him Rembrandt. 

Vincent van Gogh

Dude, seriously, what's with all the swirls? Did you have an inner ear infection or something?


  1. Funny! I must be lacking in my art knowledge because I didn't realize that Rembrandt wasn't his last name... Thanks for making me a little smarter. lol Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Educational and funny! I'm definitely on board with the Pablo Picasso Picante Salsa.

  3. You posted two of my four favorite paintings. That is a connection on a quantum level.

  4. @Stacy, I knew, but only because I watched an old Rembrandt movie years back.

    @Camel, Now that could be an educational treat!

    @Kal, Which 2? And what are the other two?

  5. Funny! Now all I want is salsa and chips...

  6. Van Gogh did suffer from something...remember he chopped his ear off...ur lucky he didn't paint it red....
    the first is sure to give anyone vertigo....
    Actually I think he is saying my Arabian harem is bigger than yours...
    Nice picks and subtle err not so subtle stories. :)

  7. Ear infection?! LOL!!! Actually, I am STILL trying to figure out the first one!

  8. I love Starry Night because it reminds me of why I don't drink or do any other funny business anymore....

    Come to think of it, all of these paintings remind me of my partying days.
    Escher- always getting lost on the way to the bathroom before I puke.

    Picasso- the way I felt when I woke up the next day.

    Rembrandt-I am always the girl in the wrong outfit that looks like she doesn't belong and everyone is pointing.

    van Gogh- Taking something and thinking that I am seeing a starry night, but what I am actually looking at is my ear in the bathroom sink.

    Those were the days, my friend.

  9. @Alex, Me too.

    @Rek, I hadn't thought of vertigo. I just like Escher's work. He's crazy in a way I can dig.

    @Marlene, It'll make you dizzy if you try too long. haha

    @Gwen, You cracked me up with that! That is seriously funny.

  10. Great post, TS. "Buddy, George Lucas ripped you off." <--Very good!
    I love and hate ones like the first.

  11. Your Vincent van Gogh comment made me laugh out loud. I love your snarky art reviews.

  12. I'm disappointed that you don't have a Follower's gadget. :/

  13. So this is my third comment in the past five minutes...

    I'm aware that that makes me creepy, but I assure you that I'm not about to stalk you on Google maps.

    I guess I'll just have to settle for following you manually.

  14. I have that Escher and have always used it for deep thoughts (when Jack wasn't Handy). One of my favorites is the Dali - The Persistence Of Memory. Anything that bends time is cool with me!

  15. Ha! I like how you drew the swirls in Van Gogh's picture to the swirl of the cochlea/inner ear. Very clever, TSH! You made me feel like I was back in Art History, one of my favorite classes in college. Your class was a bit funnier, though. (Actually, a lot more than a bit. A bunch? Hmmm...)

  16. love the new segment and if it's not new then I missed the others.

  17. I can see the ad now, "This salsa tastes funny!" (Then narrator: "A different salsa in every bite!")

    Awesome post. Also I too didn't realize Rembrandt wasn't the last name ... whoops.


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